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late misscarriage RUBBISH!!!

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alyak2011 · 21/07/2012 20:13

Hiya everyone never postedo n a site like this but just looking for people to talk to. Let me explain, last week i thought i had terrible constipation, i phoned my midwife and was told to take paracetamol to ease the pain and if this didnt work go to my nearest walk in. Needless to say i did this and ended up at my nearest walk in (hospital number 1) i was told i was in labour and rushed via ambulance to another hospital about 16 miles away (hospital number 2) i was given an internal and told i was 9cm dialiated,they sad my waters where bulging and causing me to be dialated. Hours and hours passed then my waters finally broke,instantaneous the pain went and i was told i had gone back down to 3cm dialated. I was then rushed via ambulance to another hospital more equipped (hospital number 3) they did several scans and babys heartbeat was fine and strong,yet still no more contractions. Afew more hours passed and they came back!! did another scan and babys heartbeat was really weak. I was told i could have an injection to help lung unprovement bt never got it. I was then told baby had no chance of survival if born before 24 weeks, (my son was 23weeks+2 days) and that he was going to die. Surely enough he did and i then had to give birth.

Its a really hard thing to deal with because i myself was born at 24 weeks and not only survived but im fully healthy. None of the doctos knew what caused me to go into labour and it all to happen (backwards) as they said, contractions,waters brokw,no contractions, then contractions etc

I have a funeral director coming to see me this week to arrange burial as post mortem has now been done, this was my 1st baby, i just dont know what to can my son be classed as a late miscarraige, when it was nothing like that!! he was perfect just tiny! like his mummy! :(

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clayfeet · 21/07/2012 20:14

I'm so sorry for your loss.

strugglingtoday · 21/07/2012 20:20

Alayak I'm so, so very sorry about your baby.

I lost my first baby at 20 weeks, and once he died i had to go through labour too so i know how grim that can be.

It was possibly slightly easier for me in a way because at 20 weeks there is just absolutely no chance, whereas with your little one it doesn't sound as simple as that.

It is just an utterly, utterly dreadful thing to go through.

I wish i could give you some platitudes but to be honest it just shattered me.

I'm thinking of you & if there is anything i can do to help you, please PM me.

Nobhead · 21/07/2012 20:24

Oh no I'm so sorry, how awful. I miscarried at 7 weeks and that was horrible so I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through. Sad Sad Sad
Be kind to yourself and take one day at a time, hopefully you have really good support from family and friends- they will help you get through this. X

alyak2011 · 21/07/2012 20:41

i just dont know what happened, i had a text book pregnancy,scans were clear etc. if they knew he had a heartbeat they should have done something instead it feels like they kept me waiting for hours which they did until they did a final scan and found no heartbeat! :(

im getting him buried next week, im discusted that under 24 weeks i am not entitled to any financial help towards this nor am i entitled to have a birth or death certificate! its terrible as i keep thinking ive done something wrong,and how i could survive myself at 24 weeks :(

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LunaticFringe · 21/07/2012 20:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LunaticFringe · 21/07/2012 21:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Moominsarescary · 25/07/2012 19:19

I mc in September at 20 weeks due to incompetant cervix. The first sign I had that something was wrong was feeling the waters bulging through my cervix. Once my waters broke the cervix started to close again. My son was born nearly a week later.

We found after the funeral that some funeral directors will do it free of charge, the one we were with didn't.

I'm so sorry for your loss xx

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