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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

A few questions

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woody17 · 19/07/2012 17:14

I found out yesterday that I am having a miscarriage. The scan showed that since scans on Sunday, the baby had gone so in terms of physical pain the worst is over. I feel absolutely devastated. I never imagined the ache that I would feel for what has been lost.

At the same time, I feel absolutely desperate to get pregnant again.

Is this normal? Can anyone tell me when it gets any better?

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Dinosaurdrip · 19/07/2012 18:22

Hi, I'm so sorry you are going through this it is horrible. I had a mmc last year and I became obsessed with trying again straight away. I just wanted to be pregnant again. It got so bad though that there was no spontaneity or romance in the trying. It was all I thought about, all I talked about I was like a woman possessed. I have 2ds and they had been conceived without really trying (first attempt) the 3rd (mc) had happened really easily too so I just assumed the same would happen again (this wasn't the case)

It does get easier, you just have to give yourself time, I still have down days however being pregnant again has helped massively. Just be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to come to terms with it. Xx

woody17 · 19/07/2012 20:18

Thank you dinosaurdrip this would have been my first dc. I really hope that it happens again soon. I was pretty relaxed about ttc before this happened and now it hurts so much not to be pg any more.

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kittykatsforever · 19/07/2012 20:45

I'm sorry woody
Yes the urge to become pregnant again is incredibly strong and like one you can't describe, much worse then trying before mc! I am about to try cycle 3 trying again but I think becoming obsessed has hindered me, I tried to conceive first cycle which I don't think is wrong but it was very emotional and when af came it was heavier etc then normal and I personally although disappointed thought perhaps it was a good thing my body had had the first af and a clear out so to speak, take it easy and try not to let it overwhelm you, you got pg and in sure you will again x

woody17 · 20/07/2012 09:18

Thanks kittykat - I think that maybe once the bleeding stops I will start to feel a bit better. Good luck ttc. I just hope that it doesn't take me too long to fall again.

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jessiethecowgirl · 20/07/2012 09:47

Hi Woody, I'm sorry that we have both fallen off the "march" thread. It was a hard fall for sure! My bleeding from mc has just stopped 2 days ago, and I already feel a million times better. So it goes get better!

DH and I really want to get pregnant again very soon, and I have heard so many success stories of falling pregnant quickly after MC, although like dinosaur says, it can take some time. Had sex for the first time in a month last night and it was lovely, we're trying to not feel pressured or stressed to fall pregnant again right away, although it would be so lovely if we did. I have no idea when I'll ovulate again/when to expect AF so we're just going to try and DTD every 2-3 days for the next little while, but trying to not put any pressure on conceiving immediately.

It will get better. I'm sure we'll see each other on a future antenatal thread again soon

woody17 · 20/07/2012 10:16

Hi jessie I think we are going to follow the same approach as you - DTD regularly and see what happens. I'm the same not sure when to expect AF. I think I will start paying more attention to ovulation calculators etc rather than just leaving it to chance so much.

Good luck - and yes hopefully we will be back on the antenatal threads soon!

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Excitedbutscared84 · 20/07/2012 11:02

It does get easier as hard as it seems right now - I had a MMc in May and decided to have a normal AF before we TTC.when AF arrived it was worse than the MC the bleeding was awful and brough everything back as it sort of felt like body had a good clear out and reminded me by body was over it when in fact my head/ heart wasnt!
WE then tried for my next cycle as like you I longed to be pregnant again and we were luckily enough to fall that month and it does help things,but it also turns you a little crazy worrying everything will be ok.
We took the approach we werent trying to get pregnant but werent not trying either, if it happened it happened and luckliy it did - so fingers crossed it will for you guys too x x

posypoo · 20/07/2012 11:37

Hello, I just posted on your other thread. (I also miscarried yesterday :( )

I just wanted to say that several friends of mine miscarried this year and got pregnancy really quickly afterwards, one the following month. So there is hope! If you have miscarried naturally I don't think there is any reason to wait. Hoping to see you all on the ante-natal threads again! xx

woody17 · 20/07/2012 12:06

posy I am so so sorry to hear this. It's hard, isn't it - going from being pregnant one minute and then suddenly not. Maybe we will get faint positives at the same time again in the future! I really hope that you are ok xx

OP posts:
posypoo · 20/07/2012 20:26

Thanks Woody, yes it's totally gutting isn't it. After my scan I wasn't expecting it either, which made it almost worse than if I'd found out on Monday (when I was expecting it!). Hope you're doing OK too. Will look out for you on the ante-natal boards - fingers crossed for some more faint bfps in the near future :) x

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