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5 weeks pregnant and feel like I'm having a period

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0100Louise · 16/07/2012 14:00

Hi all

I am 5 weeks today, due to go to the docs later this week. I know the exact date of conception as it was my boyfriend's birthday and the first and only time we tried without contraception(!). It sounds crazy but I felt at that moment of conception I was pregnant and did the test last Friday when I'd missed my period and it said pregnant, and from my dates I am 5 weeks today. We told a few friends over the weekend as so excited and now I feel awful as I came into work today and have been bleeding lightly (bright red) and having mild period pains. My periods are normally light, with minimal pains, and this feels exactly the same - just like I am having a normal period. There is no clotting, but this does not make me feel any better and I know there is nothing I can do yet. I just popped out to buy two more pregnancy tests, I thought I could do another tonight and one later in the week. Presumably if I am miscarrying, the tests will change to negative? Although maybe the one tonight would still say pregnant as I'd still have the hormone? Sorry if this is a standard question but sitting at work panicking with no one to speak to and thinking the worst! Not been pregnant before and always thought I would have problems. Was really hoping to tell my parents this week but now going to have to wait until I am sure all ok. Thanks xx

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lavendersgreen · 16/07/2012 16:31

Hi Louise, so sorry you're going through this horrible worry.

I have had 2 mcs (at 7 weeks and 10 weeks) - started with light bleeding which got heavier. It is possible to have bleeding though without having a mc.

There really isn't anything you can do except look after yourself - I would advise against doing repeated pregnancy tests until the bleeding stops (hopefully)

I'm thinking of you and hoping all will be ok.


hardtosleep · 16/07/2012 16:37

Hi this must be awful for you.

It is possible that the cramping is a normal part of pregnancy- things have to expand in there- and it is also possible to bleed during earlly pregnancy.

So this might be an early miscarriage or it might be a viable preganancy still, sorry, i know that is no help.

I had a BFP at 4 weeks, but due to other medical issues I have to be monitored very closely so my gp sent me for a hcg blood test the same day. The result showed I was PG but the follow up test 2 days later showed that the level had dropped and a MC was inevitable.

I started bleeding at exactly 5 weeks, so if i hadn't have done a PG test i would probably have just thought my period was 1 week late.

However, another lady I met there had bleeding and cramping and is now 9 weeks PG.

Can you self refer to your nearest Early Pregnancy Unit and ask for a HCG blood test- this would tell you definitively what is going on?

Best wishes

0100Louise · 17/07/2012 10:03

Thank you both so much for responding to me and I'm also really sorry to hear about your mc's x

The bleeding got worse yesterday and I did end up doing a cheap test when I got home last night which said not pregnant :-( I had booked a doctors appointment as my first post pregnancy check up for Friday, but now I've changed that and got an earlier appointment for this afternoon. I looked on the internet (I know this can be a mistake!!) and it seems to be a chemical pregnancy where I was pregnant on the Friday, but then implantation didn't take, so four days later I'm no longer pregnant :-( Didn't know this was possible before but apparently really common. I know there is the slimmest chance things are ok, but I just can't think about that and getting my hopes up again. If we're fortunate to fall pregnant again, I know not to get excited or tell anyone until at least the doctors have confirmed it. xx

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lavendersgreen · 17/07/2012 15:46

Sending you hugs Louise, it's a hell of a lesson but I was the same the first time - we didn't tell anyone about our last pregnancy until after the 12 week scan. It's only natural to want to tell the people you love staight away though so don't beat yourself up about that.

Take care xxx

0100Louise · 19/07/2012 09:32

Thank you lavendersgreen - big lesson learnt x

Will start trying again soon but if we're fortunate to fall again I will be keeping sctum even to close family, until at least all confirmed with the docs etc.

Good luck with yours


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