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Miscarriage a month ago - still bleeding?

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webminx · 12/07/2012 15:11

I had a MMC in early June and opted for medical management on the 15th of June. Two weeks later, had quite a bit more "come away" unexpectedly at work and then at the scan, turned out I had a little bit of retained product (under 15mm) which is not enough to warrant a D&C. The constulant did a test and it was negative so am reassured that it's mostly ok. However, I am still bleeding - sometimes old blood, sometimes red. How much longer does this go on for? Would have had a period "due" last week, so maybe this was it? Is this normal? Phoned MW today and she said it can last for up to 6 weeks but to go to the GP if it went longer than this. Is that true?

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Zacsmum80 · 12/07/2012 16:08

Sorry about your loss. Sorry I can't give you facts but my midwife and doctor have told me exactly the same as you have been told.
I had late miscarriage and delivered my baby on 14 June and was still bleeding up to a week ago and just started my normal period today. X

webminx · 13/07/2012 20:43

Thanks for your reply Zacsmum80 and really sorry for your loss :(. Hope you're doing ok. I'll wait another week or two and fingers crossed it stop by then!

OP posts:
Zacsmum80 · 14/07/2012 01:30

Webminx I'm not too bad thanks. Having the worse period ever though but was expecting that.
Hope your ok and your bleeding ends soon xx

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