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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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cheeseandmushroomtoastie · 25/06/2012 23:09

Hi all, am eigh weeks tomorrow, have had light bleeding since yesterday morning and now have had some small clots pass. Is this it? I take it there is not going to be a positive outcome? Went to gp earlier today and he seemed to think was nothing to worry about, unless bleeding got heavier which it did. In a state of shock but just wanted to check before I sobbed into my pillow.

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cheeseandmushroomtoastie · 25/06/2012 23:09
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batteryhen · 26/06/2012 13:39

I have no experience of this - but don't want your post to go unanswered. I know some ladies have posted before about having lots of bleeding and all is still OK. I hope this is the same for you xx

Morebounceperounce · 26/06/2012 20:25

Unfortunately it's hard to give or get any definite answers in these situations, as I have recently found out. It might be ok, and I really hope that it is, but sadly it might not.

You might want to find out where your nearest early pregnancy unit is and whether you can self refer or if you need a GP referral. There is an element of wait and see but a scan will give you more information and you will then be in their system so you can access help and advice quicker if you need it.

Thinking of you cheese, fingers crossed.

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