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Weird and long AF before what would have been due date - Anyone else?

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WhatDreamsMayCome · 22/06/2012 00:20

I've usually have regular periods that last at most, five days. Since the m/c, apart from the first one, they have been light and not lasting more than four days. The current AF has now lasted for ten days. Odd for me.

For the past five days it has been trying to draw to an end but it is just going on and on. There is a pinkish blot on the loo paper when I wipe but a definite thumb size amount of blood on the pad. Not heavy at at all but why won't it just end?

Is it mad to think that this is somehow connected with the fact that this is the last period before what would have been the due date in July? I don't know, some sort of final letting go? Did anyone else experience this? I feel a lot of grief with it all and keep going over the whole thing, I thought that once I was through 12 weeks I would be fine but something obviously wasn't right. This week it seems as though I have been seeing and hearing babies everywhere. Sad

I don't think it can be anything to do with another m/c as I have not felt like actual intercourse as I feel quite guilty about trying to create again after what happened.

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