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MMC then natural MC - what medical attention should I be having?

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Mintie190 · 11/06/2012 19:41

Hi, I went for a private scan at 9 + 2 and they discovered an empty sac (with a little blob but not much of a developed foetus). I was supposed to have a D&C a few days later but began bleeding before the scheduled date and the Dr said to let nature take its course. He rang me once afterwards to see how I was going and suggested that the bleeding should last 1 week. 2 weeks on and the bleeding shows no sign of stopping. It went to a brown discharge and I thought it was nearing its end but then bright red blood started up again 3 day ago, exactly like a period. I left a message for my GP to call me and hoping I will speak to her tomorrow. Other posters talk about having their HCG levels monitored and scans to see if everything has come away. I don't know why even though I am prepared to pay for private treatment I haven't been offered any of this. Should I just book a scan? I'm a bit frustrated as I never seem to get any attention on the NHS and feel foolish for not knowing what to do to get attention even when I am prepared to pay for it.

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bugsylugs · 11/06/2012 19:49

Mingus so sorry for your loss. I have had 2 mc in the set yr going this one is not but am worried . Anyway both times went for natural or letting nature take her course, both times I had a scram after 2, weeks second time all gone. First time after 2 weeks tree were still products I had antibiotics for a week repeat scan week after very small products then period. You should be having a check scan you can bleed for some sees but occasionally. Going bleeding can mean other things

Yearling · 12/06/2012 10:38

Sorry for your loss Mintie. You should definitely book a scan, either direct with your local early pregnancy unit or have your gp refer you (quicker if you can I expect to go direct to EPU). As you say, you need to know whether everything has come away. I've had 4 mc and never had my HCG levels monitored, all diagnosis was done through scans.

Have you managed to get hold of your doctor today?

Mintie190 · 12/06/2012 18:56

Thank u Yearling and bugsylugs. I spoke to my GP today but she suggested that I call the private clinic I went to for the scan as they have my history which just consists of a ultrasound report. I will do so tomorrow and see what they say. I will insist that I get another scan. I just want it to be over and done with. I thought by now it would be but it's just dragging on and hate having the constant reminder of it.

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