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MC at 6 weeks: questions on pain, mc tissue and private clinics.

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HJBeans · 07/06/2012 12:00

First time posting, with some questions following my 2nd mc. I'm almost 36 and we're trying for our first baby. First mc in March at ~ 5 weeks, with bleeding but little pain and no recognisable mc tissue passed. This latest on Sunday, when, after three days of increasing spotting, I passed something which looked very much like the diagrams of 5-6 week old embryos but much larger - about an inch long. I had a scan on Monday confirming the mc was complete. I have three questions for those who know, if anyone can help?

1: the last three days I've had gassy abdominal pain and lower back pain (which I also had while spotting and during the mc). Is pain after the mc normal? Is there a point when I should seek help for it?

2: has anyone else seen tissue with structure like a embryo but much bigger than it should have been? Couldn't save it as I was abroad at the time, but curious if this is normal or if I've misidentified what I saw.

3: has anyone had private investigation of mc after 2 losses? We took the first loss in stride as mc is (sadly) so common, but after 2 we're more concerned. I know NHS kicks in after 3 losses but I don't want to have to go through this again if we could find / treat a problem now. But I've no idea if going private is overreacting to relatively common 2nd loss or what total cost might be. I have an autoimmune disease (RA) and worry this might be related.

Sorry for the epic first post but I've been scouring the internet for days now and would be really grateful if anyone with experience could tell me what they know. Thanks so much.

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helterskelter99 · 07/06/2012 12:06


Sorry to hear about your mc.
Where in the country are you? As I think in some parts of the country it's easier to say go private whereas in some parts that means travelling miles.

I have had 3 bad pregnancies, 2 of which were mc, 1 of which we had to terminate for chromosome abnormalities I pushed for testing after 2 mc and the nhs did see me. However my mc were both mmc at 12 weeks and apparently its quite unusual to have 2 on the trot so I am not sure if that is why they saw me. So it doesn't hurt to ask.

Your GP may carry out some basic tests. I suggest getting your thyroid checked as this can sometimes be a cause.

It's a horrible place to be but the guidelines are 3 for a reason as often the 3rd preg is fine so try not to stress too much


nosleepwithworry · 07/06/2012 12:15

Hi there, gosh, you have had a rough time Sad.

There is sometimes pain after mc, but i would seek medical help (GP) if it persists for longer than a week OR if you have any unusual discharge and feel unwell, defo go to see your GP.

As for what you saw, you are probably right in your theory of it being your baby, sometimes you pass the entire baby plus sac, sometimes it comes away in various stages. This is very distressing i know.

Private help is always are paying for a service so they wont turn you away, but what you say about your RA may be significant, so i would see your GP and ask to be referred sooner to the nearest expert centre near where you live, this may be key and thus treatable so that you can have a healthy pregnancy soon. No need to demand, but given your background and history with the mcs, i doubt that they will refuse you.

All the best xxx

HJBeans · 07/06/2012 12:19

Thanks so much for the quick response HS99 and very sorry to hear of your losses.

I'm in London at the moment and to be honest haven't had all that much support from my GP for either MC. Will use the appt I made next week to tell them about the pregnancy to ask about what's available in terms of testing after 2 mc. I may feel differently about wanting to test privately after more time passes - I think for my husband and I it helps with the sadness of the 2nd mc and the growing worry about being able to have kids to think about things we can do and actions we can take - it's hard that so much of this is down to chance and waiting.

Thanks again.

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HJBeans · 07/06/2012 12:28

Thanks very much for the quick and helpful response, NSWW. This board is amazingly quick to respond!

I'll do as you suggest and ask my GP if my RA might mitigate the recurrent = 3 mc rule. And it's only just occurred to me that it might also be worth speaking to my rheumatologist, who is extremely good and would know of any possible RA related problems.

Thanks, too, for your other advice. My GP finally returned my call a moment ago and said just as you have regarding the pain.

Seeing the tissue was distressing in one way, but also reassuring in that I felt I knew conclusively what had happened. There was a lot of uncertainty with my previous mc, waiting to know what was happening, etc. and it was better for me to know for sure. But afterward it struck me how much larger it was than it should have been and that's stuck in my mind. I was at a friend's wedding overseas when it happened, so had no chance to take the tissue for testing, etc. I've been surprised how little information there is about what you might actually see is online, since this must be a concern for many women.

Thanks again for your response.

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nosleepwithworry · 07/06/2012 12:32

You are very welcome. I agree, there is not a great deal of information or help out there.
We kind of just stumble through the whole process blind.

Thats the great thing about coming on MN, we all have experience and wisdom and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on.

helterskelter99 · 07/06/2012 16:06

Def mention to your RA as that could be an immune issue.

the miscarriage clinic is good or 92 Harley Street if you are in London

I def think pushing for tests helps with the grieving process - or it did me. It felt like we had a plan


HJBeans · 11/06/2012 14:27

Just to update for anyone else who may read the thread.

I spoke with my GP this morning and she was quite helpful in terms of explaining what likely causes might be and arranging some tests and follow up plans. As I'm moving city in a few months, I'll likely review the results with a consultant privately. The GP was happy to refer me, but with the wait running at 8-10 weeks, I'm keen to have a strategy for further pregnancies before I move.

Many thanks, again, for your suggestions - it helps a lot to feel there are things we can do to try for better outcomes in future.

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