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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

STILL waiting to miscarry...two weeks after scan showed no hope and 12 weeks tomorrow...,

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tazpat · 29/05/2012 19:45

Getting very frustrated with waiting for things to start naturally am really not keen on ERPC. My local hospitals will only do it under a general and I am not keen on going under, plus increased risk of infection etc etc. How long have people waited naturally? My pregnancy sac is still growing but nothing in it so when will my body notice? I now have an appointment to see Raj Rai at the Reccurent Miscarriage Clinic in mid June so definitely want to be clear so I can start having tests done. This is my fourth MC but first MMC. I have one DD. Any advice or virtual handholding welcome :). I'm starting to look pregnant too. Ggrrrr. This sucks.

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tazpat · 31/05/2012 14:09

I had reflexology yesterday and had a show a few hours after. Nothing overnight but it seems to be kicking off today. Reflexology continues to impress me. I am so sad to be ending another pregnancy with another failure, but hopeful that I might get some answers when I go to the Recurrent Miscarriage Unit at St Marys in a couple of weeks. My thoughts are with all of you out there gong through the same miserable experience :(

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RemembersButtonMoon · 31/05/2012 14:11

I have no words of advice but wanted to say I am really sorry for what you are going through x

Back2Two · 31/05/2012 14:29

Sorry tazpat, it really is awful and I'm sorry you've experienced this more than once. This too will pass and hopefully happier times are ahead x

tazpat · 01/06/2012 18:07

MC started properly. In for a loooong bank holiday weekend. At least my DH is here for the next four days.

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tazpat · 01/06/2012 18:08

And thank you ladies for your kind messages x

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bonzo77 · 01/06/2012 18:19

tazpat poor you, and over the bank holiday too. I had a missed miscarriage over xmas and new year. I really thought I had passed it all for obvious reasons, but a scan showed not, and I had the ERPC. If you do decide to consider the ERPC, can I reassure you that is was quick, utterly painless and really did help me move on. I would do the same again if I had to.

BartletForAmerica · 01/06/2012 20:41

Just reading this for the first time, so I hadn't seen your first message. Just wanted to say that I was 'glad' (it's not the right word, I know) that things were happening now because it must have been very hard for you. I hope that things happen without complication for you now.

nomadwantshome · 01/06/2012 20:45


cosysocks · 03/06/2012 21:06

tazpat. Thoughts are with you. I am awaiting the same thing and it is crippling. So sorry you are going through this, hope you get the answers you need at St Marys.

tazpat · 04/06/2012 10:47

Thanks for all your messages.

Well, it finally happened on Saturday morning. My waters must have broken while I slept and when I woke up at 5.30am it started in a pretty full on way. By 10am I had finally passed the sac and placenta, which we have kept as we want to have the tissues tested (sorry if that's TMI). I was 12 weeks and 2 days so much further along than any of my previous miscarriages and it was a very different experience. The pain was fine but I have had a baby so perhaps that makes it easier. The one thing I would say if you are miscarrying at a similar stage is that there is a lot of blood. I easily lost as much as I did giving birth which was about a pint although obviously difficult to be very precise. Everything came out in big gushes every 10 to 15 minutes. As it was so early in the morning, I kept lying down between trips to the bathroom.

Thank god I was at home and my husband was there! He took our four year old daughter round to a neighbours so she wouldn't have to see anything as it would have been hard to keep her inquisitiveness at bay. Towards the end of the heavy bleeding, I did call the emergency contact the EPAU had given me as I was starting to get concerned about the bleeding, and feeling a bit shaky and dizzy. It didn't help that I had only had 4 hours sleep and had drunk quite a bit of champagne at a girls night out the night before, and obviously not used to alcohol anymore after 3 months off.....The nurse was very reassuring and explained heavy blood loss was normal at this stage of pregnancy. She said I could come in, or I could wait for an hour and see if the bleeding settled. I decided to wait, and I am glad I did. I then passed the last bits of placenta, and the bleeding did start to settle down after that.

I am really glad I decided to wait and let it happen naturally. It took 2 weeks and 5 days from the first scan I had at 9 weeks plus 6 which showed the baby hadn't developed. I think it was easier to bear it because I knew there would be no baby coming out. It has been positive for me to let my body complete the process naturally. After three MCs in the last year, my confidence in my body's ability to get things right has been seriously knocked but at least I have managed to avoid a knock out and operation which was something I really didn't want. Fingers crossed that it completes without further incident and I can move on to tests for recurrent miscarriage.

One thing I have this time which I also had after having my daughter but not with the other MCs is night sweats. I understand this is one of the ways your body deals with dumping the high level of hormones which a pregnancy brings. I had forgotten what they were like. Hopefully they will disappear with time like all the other symptoms.

My thoughts are with all of you out there going through this or waiting for it to happen. I have found MN and other forums really useful as I wanted to know what other people's experiences have been like, and that has made the whole process much less frightening for me.

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WhatDreamsMayCome · 04/06/2012 15:24

Oh tazpat, I'm so sorry. I know that you were waiting for it to happen but then when it does, it's a whole set of another range of emotions to deal with, isn't it. You must be exhausted. I was at a similar stage to you and remember all too well the gush, and the blood loss, frightening and so tiring, both physically and emotionally. Glad that your dh was there to help you.

Get some rest if you are feeling tired and drink plenty of fluids as you will have lost a lot, glucose will help to raise your blood sugar and Floradix/Floravital is briliant for the lost iron. I know what you mean about the night sweats, that is the drop in hormones. I can remember just sleeping for what seemed like a whole weekend after it happened (I know this isn't always possible) but let your dh take some of the responsiblity for a while until you feel strong again. Look after yourself and give your dh and daughter an extra big squeeze.

We are all here if you want to talk.

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