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The first period - what's normal

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Lynzw75 · 06/05/2012 22:47

Ok so it's been 4 weeks since I started spotting and 3 weeks since the actual miscarriage, 2 weeks since I stopped bleeding and now I'm losing very very light amounts of brown blood. It's only really on the tissue, it's not enough to fill a sanitary towel, all I am using is panty liners to protect my underwear. I did see a little red blood yesterday but only once. Is this my first period?

OP posts:
ej23 · 07/05/2012 09:27

Hi Lynzw75 and so sorry for your loss. I do not know the answer to your question I'm afraid as you are ahead of me in this process but am sure you will get some good advice soon. Wishing you well x

purple84 · 08/05/2012 13:32

Hi Lyn
Sorry for your loss.
I don't know for sure as mine always came a bit later than urs but they were very light the first ones after a mc so it probably is that.
If you are worried never hesitate to ask your GP.
Best Wishes xx

floatyjosmum · 10/05/2012 14:49

ive just had my first - been over 6 weeks. It started very light and brown but did contain a bit of red blood but not the usual amount.
Was def lighter than normal and 3 days instead of the usual 5.


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