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Anyone experienced multiple PROM?

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fatfingers · 29/04/2012 18:29

According to the doctors my situation is unusual, made even more unusual because my sister has had exactly the same and they can't explain why. Has anyone else experienced prom on multiple occasions?

My last 2 pregnancies ended in premature rupture of membranes - last one was a mc at 16 weeks after waters burst and baby's heart beat stopped. In previous pregnancy I bled heavily throughout and waters broke at 21 weeks but I didn't give birth until 23 weeks. Dc survived and is now 5 years old. I have also had a full term birth after a text book pregnancy (dc1).

I have had tests done and docs can find no cause. Consultant has suggested that if I decide to get pregnant again I should be prepared for another prem birth but they would closely monitor me. I would love another baby but don't know whether I could take the risk.

Don't know why I'm asking this really, just interested to know whether anyone shares my experience of this I suppose...

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Moominsarescary · 29/04/2012 23:36

I had a full term baby, then ds2 who was born at 35 weeks after prom. I also had heavy bleeding from 12-24 weeks. Ds3 was born at 32 weeks due to membranes rupturing at 31 weeks.

They have never found the cause of the proms. Ds4 was born at 20 weeks due to incompetant cervix, however they don't think it is related to the prom.

Sorry for your loss, it's difficult to know what to do. If I have another pg they will place a stitch to help with the ic. They don't know if this will stop the prom though

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