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What 'tissues' can be left in?

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spottymerlin · 24/04/2012 10:12

I miscarried over the weekend. I began with very light brown spotting on Thursday and on Friday morning a few clots. On Friday night I passed the baby in its sac and the placenta. Since then the cramps grew progressively worse and were unbelievably painful on Monday morning. Last night was my first full nights sleep without needing to get up and move around due to the pain.
Anyway, Since passing the sac and placenta I have just had enough bleeding to say it was a heavy period, I get pretty heavy but short ones anyway.
I'm just wondering does this sound like everything that should come out has? Is the rest just blood or can there still be 'tissue' left over?
When I cancelled my EPU early scan I spoke with the midwife and she asked me if I had seen the sac and I'm assuming maybe that's why she didn't mention going for a scan to check everything has gone. But I just wonder if I will still need one of those.
I know I should just call my GP but I just don't want to talk to anyone at the moment.

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mulberryoutlet · 24/04/2012 10:18

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geminigirl · 24/04/2012 10:28

Oh you poor thing, so sorry to hear this. Have the cramps settled down? I would take a deep breath and phone EPU to make sure. Look after yourself. x

Mar2010 · 24/04/2012 12:00

I'm so sorry for everything you are going through. The cramps having settled down sounds like a good thing but better to call to double check. I had a missed MC and had to have surgery to remove what was in there and I still bled for a couple of weeks after, some days heavy and some light.

FoofFighter · 24/04/2012 16:09

I'm very sorry you've lost your baby Sad silly question but how are you doing?

I had a repeat scan booked already but brought it forward after I miscarried and they checked that nothing had been left behind, and it was all clear and as it should be.

I'd be phoning them for an appointment this week x

jodidi · 24/04/2012 23:35

I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's shit isn't it?

I haven't had a scan at all. I was told to do another pg test 10-14 days afterwards and if it was negative then all was clear. I was told at the same time that id I felt ill at all, temperature, dizziness, etc I should go to the gp as there may be some infection. My mc was just over 2 weeks ago and I have not seen anyone about it, but I have had a bfn a few days ago.

spottymerlin · 25/04/2012 13:39

Thanks for the replies. I'm doing OK. First day of not howling and crying today so far.
Still having about once or twice per day severe cramps and then passing v. large clots or something.
Gonna try and visit my GP this afto as i have also developed a pilonidal cyst just to add insult to injury.
I just dread calling them because I have to really fight to get an appointment. Even when I was starting miscarrying I had to beg them to even have the GP call me, and had to call 3 times and each time they said within the hour, it was 5 phone calls in total before i could speak to someone.
I just don't have it in me at the moment to argue to get an appointment. I know most of the time I'm truly grateful our NHS is free at point of service, but at times like this I really feel let down.

It is shit isn't it. The whole thing is just so flipping awful.

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blackteaplease · 25/04/2012 13:44

Poor you, I hope you are doing as well as you can.

I had this, the cramps and heavy bleeding came on about 5 days after my miscarriage and after theinitial bleeding had tailed off. It turned out there was still tissue inside that was stuck. My GP referred me to the EPU the same day and I had a scan followed by a procedure to remove remains.

Ask for some painkillers, paracetamol and ibuprofen don't cut it. I was prescribed some codeine and it really helped with the cramps

blackteaplease · 25/04/2012 13:45

I too had no interest from Dr's/ midwives while actually miscarrying - took 3 days to get a scan to confirm miscarriage. But when I told my GP about the bleeding and cramps returning she acted immediately and I was impressed with the care i got.

spottymerlin · 25/04/2012 16:23

Doctors receptionists still wouldn't give me an appointment, but the GP finally called me back and has agreed that I can finally see a doctor so they have a look at the cyst. So at least I can get that seen this afternoon.
I called the EPU myself in the end and just asked them about the miscarriage and they said it is normal and I shouldn't need a scan because i passed the sac. But to give them a call if I'm unwell etc.

OP posts:
blackteaplease · 26/04/2012 16:42

Oh, that's not helpful. Have you seen a GP yet? What was the result? I really hope you start to feel better soon.

spottymerlin · 03/05/2012 20:01

Thanks, yes I saw the GP, and he gave 7 days antibiotics for the pilonidal cyst and has advised i need to have it surgically removed. The healing time is about 3 months and i've no idea how long the waiting list is.
I'm devastated becasue I really wanted to try for a baby soon and this will hold it all up. i'm already 32 and have been trying for ages.
The infection has gone away and ive got another 7 days antibiotics.
crap times.....

OP posts:
spottymerlin · 03/05/2012 20:03

*meant to say infection hasnt gone away - i have developed 2 sinuses! urgh its just so grooss. why do things have to go wrong with bum cracks?! stupid design

OP posts:
Goofymum · 04/05/2012 15:18

How awful for you spottymerlin, am so sorry.
I was going to say re: the MC, don't even bother with the GP just call the EPU yourself, they shouldn't need a GP referral but it looks as though you've done that anyway. Are you still bleeding? If you are still in alot of pain and are bleeding heavily I would call the EPU again. I left it too late and ended up needing an emergency op because I had tissue stuck, even though I'd passed the sac I believe.
Sorry you have to wait for the cyst to be removed. It's really not fair is it.

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