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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

2 consecutive mc- gutted

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SianNic · 14/04/2012 21:13

I mc at the end of jan at 5.5 wks and fell pg again straightaway by chance, now 8wks and it's happening again :( am gutted to say the least and feeling like there is no hope of a baby now. Just wanted to offload really- sorry. It's crap though as I have been really sick with this one and still feeling crap- feel like my life has been on hold for the last 3 months :(

OP posts:
funthatisfunny · 14/04/2012 21:41

ooooh nooooo. I am soooo sorry SianNic. Come here whenever you need to and please, rant away. That is so harsh, I can't imagine. Look after yourself x

SilveryMoon · 14/04/2012 21:49

I'm so sorry Sad
I remember feeling exactly what you have typed in your post after I had 2 mc's.
My 1st, I started spotting at 12 weeks (1st scan wasn't booked in until 14 weeks), I went to the hospital, they scanned me and said the heart had stopped beating at 10 weeks.
I was devastated.
I fell pregnant again about a year later, and mc'd at 6 weeks. Now I felt like children just wasn't something that was going to happen for me.
A year after that, I fell pregnant again, and as I'm sure you'll understand, I was absoloutely bricking it.
I was doing the knicker check probably every half hour, waiting to see the first signs of loss, just so I could stop worrying about it.
That pregnancy went full term and I now have a fab 4.8yo.
8 months later, I fell pregnant again, felt better knowing I could carry full term, but mc'd at 6 weeks.
6 weeks later, no period, felt 'odd' so went to gp who confirmed I was pregnant, sent me straight for a scan (thinking I may have lost a twin) and I was 5 weeks pregnant.
I now have a wonderful 3.2yo.

I just wanted to share that with you with the aim of giving you some hope.

I don't know what else to say, apart from I am really sorry. {{hugs}}

SianNic · 15/04/2012 06:44

Thanks for sharing silverymoon, it's good to hear that you had a successful outcome in the end. I do have a ds who is 2 so I know I am very very lucky to have him - I fell pg with him on the first try and although bled a lot during that pregnancy had a healthy natural birth. I now kee thinking there must be something wrong with me and that my ds happened by luck, especially as I bled so much with him too. It's just so hard finding the energyr to think about ttc again but I desperately want another child. These last 3 weeks I have been so sick and out of it, it's so hard thinking it was all for nothing :(

OP posts:
ginmakesitallok · 15/04/2012 07:02

Sian - sorry to hear about your loss Sad. After DD1 I had 2mcs and like you felt that there must be something wrong and that I wouldn't be able to have another baby. I didn't even want to try again as I was so scared I would lose another one and couldn't face going through it again. But I fell pregnant again, and after a totally trouble free pregnancy (apart from the constant knicker checking and worry!) had DD2, who is sitting watching telly as I type.

Be kind to yourself xx

Redbird12 · 15/04/2012 18:43

Hi sian, just wanted to say I know how you are feeling as out situations are very similar. I had an mmc early Jan, scan showed the baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks. I then conceived again quickly, felt really positive this one would be ok. It turned out to be twins, had an early scan at 9 weeks mid March which showed no heartbeat and both had stopped growing at 7 weeks. Consultant said i was just unlucky as 2nd pregnancy was high risk with it being idential twins.

Had ERPC both times and like you, feel like I have spent the last few months pregnant with nothing to show for it. I felt absolutely gutted the couple of weeks after the 2nd MMC but then gradually started getting my life back to normal - went back to work, booked a holiday. DH and i will try again but just giving ourselves a bit of a break.

Please be kind to yourself, this is such a horrible situation for anyone to go through, i know that it will get easier with time but that doesn't change the frustration, the pain, the sadness in the here and now. I found talking on here a great help, feel free to rant anyway!

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