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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Should be 8/9 weeks, measured 5

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Ratata · 13/04/2012 17:08

I didn't know whether to put this in pregnancy or miscarriage. I'm in shock. Me and DH went for our first ever sonogram, booked a private early one. Thought I was 8 or 9 weeks. Was so happy and excited when getting onto the seat and ready to see my baby. There was nothing. Just an empty looking hole. No yolk sac, nothing. Measured 5 weeks.

They tried to say I may have got my dates wrong... I didn't :( If I am only 5 weeks then I must have ovulated and then 3 days later got a positive pregnancy test saying 1-2 weeks. Don't think that adds up. So I've just told myself that that's it. Thing is that working backwards, the baby or cells must have died only a few days after the pregnancy test. Just horrible to think that for so long there has been nothing living in there.

Got an internal scan next Thursday. Been told I may have the miscarriage before that. The lady on the phone said it didn't sound hopeful going by my dates.

We fell pregnant after 3 months ttc so I guess we were lucky and now not so lucky. We were so happy and ready, due date was worked out as our first wedding anniversary too. We had told close friends and family.

It's just hard. I know this is my first mmc and there are people who have had so many more. Just feeling heartbroken. We have called it Sam. Rather than 'the miscarriage'.

I hold no hope of it being alive. Sorry I'm so morbid :(

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Newtothisstuff · 13/04/2012 17:19

The same happened to me.. We paid for a private early scan.. There was literally nothing there completely empty.. I was absolutely gutted... I still felt pregnant and knew I wasn't going mad (as the woman asked me why I thought I was pregnant) I ended up going to the epu at the hospital a week later and there it was my 7 week old peanut clear as day.. I'm not convinced that the private company who scanned me's equipment was up to scratch.. Don't stress until you have been and seen a proper hospital... Good luck

Newtothisstuff · 13/04/2012 17:20

I'm 35 weeks now btw Grin

FoofFighter · 13/04/2012 17:23

Sad sending you both lots of hugs, it's shitter than shit on a shitty stick. I had a missed miscarriage last saturday ( slightly different to you in that there was a fetus present on scan, I should have been 9 weeks and it had stopped growing at around 6 weeks)

They also tried to tell me my dates were wrong which infuriated me. we are gornw women and if we tell you these are our dates don't patronise us by saying we might be wrong and it might all be ok!

Have you been given any info/thought about on how to handle your upcoming mc? Surgical? Medication to start it off and then complete it in hpspital? Wait for it to happen naturally at home?

Thanks so so sorry x keep posting, it helps. A LOT. there's always someone around at any time of the day or night to talk to or just cry with. Lots of people to handhold xxxx

Ratata · 13/04/2012 17:39

Thank you both xxx

That's nice to hear newtothisstuff that it worked out for you. I do like success stories very much.

fooffighter so sorry to hear that you have also suffered a mmc. Hugs. It just feels unreal doesn't it, you never think its going to happen to you.

I think what makes things worse is Facebook. One girl on there won't stop complaining about her pregnancy and another I know is having a termination. Both completely entitled to do what they like of course and post things (girl having termination doesn't post about it, just comments I think are related to it), just comes at a difficult time for myself. Bit of a Facebook addict myself. Not for posting, just keeping in touch with what everyone is doing.

I think I will either wait for it to pass naturally or have the tablets. The lady said that operation wouldn't be best since I'm so early on, well the baby died so early on if there is a baby in there.

Maybe there will be a miracle and a bean to be seen but probably not.

People at my work are supportive, I'm still to tell my manager what's happening but have told some of the ladies I work with.

OP posts:
FoofFighter · 13/04/2012 17:42

just keep talking, and remember there's no such thing as a silly question x

if you want to do it natually have a scan down the list of threads in ehre, there's one about practical tips, it was invaluable to me


Ratata · 13/04/2012 17:56

Ok thank you fooffighter I will take a look.

The weird thing is, I thought I saw something beating on the scan like a little heart. I was probably mistaken, figured the sonogram lady would have seen it of it was anything. I'm over weight at 14 stone so clinging to that as well, maybe my flab hid the baby lol. Guess I gotta wait it out just now xxx

OP posts:
funthatisfunny · 13/04/2012 18:05

aw I am so sorry :) Yes indeedy there are the positive stories and I hope yours is one! I had a scan at 6+6 and it was just an empty sac, was told to come back ten days later to see if the baby magically appeared (a la new). Went back for that scan yesterday, should have been 8+2, and still an empty sac.

Despite this being a blighted ovum (when there is nothing but an empty sac, no foetus ever developed unlike a mmc which has evidence of 'something' that grew) my pregnancy symptoms continued until very slowly petering out over this past week. Today (8+3) is my first proper day where I feel completely not pregnant! Is a total shitter. After two scans I know mine is a BO (was in denial for yonks feeling so preggers and all because the placenta was still chucking out hormones and growing) and have to go back for another scan in ten days to 'check' (have slagged this decision off in another thread!) and then, finally, they will help me miscarry if I haven't already.

Mc is crap, I am sorry this seems to happening to you.

Good luck and I hope you are ok - come here for chats any time. Limbo (when you are 'pregnant-not-pregnant') is utter shite.

funthatisfunny · 13/04/2012 18:06

shit I meant to do a sad face :( not smiley! toddler grabbing my arm and distracting me, so sorry! gosh, what a cow! xx

Ratata · 13/04/2012 18:26

Thanks funthatisfunny and no you're not a cow :p So sorry that you are going through a hard time. That's awful how long you are having to wait in limbo :( These things really are sent to try us!! By someone with a shitty sense of humour.

I've had a look a the practical tips for mc so hopefully can prepare myself. Mental lucid dreams which ended in mc did not help this morning. Stupid mind.

OP posts:
Ratata · 14/04/2012 15:16

Ahhh it's happening. Spotting has started and period like pains. Kinda terrified :( but glad its the weekend and my DH is here.

OP posts:
funthatisfunny · 14/04/2012 16:38

good luck ratata, I am sure it will be fine and is brilliant timing with the weekend. Look after yourself and come here if you have any queries (though, being in limbo and still waiting to mc I doubt I could help personally!).

take care x

FoofFighter · 14/04/2012 17:34

Sad Ratata, I'm glad you've got someone with you and fingers crossed it goes smoothly for you x come and chat anytime you need to

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