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Follow up scan after erpc?

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Jemimapuddleduk · 12/04/2012 14:03

hello, I have just had a really painful and scary erpc to deal with my third miscarriage. I opted for manual vacuum aspiration under local anaesthetic as I am scared stiff of general anaesthetic, plus I had this management with my second mmc and it was ok and not too painful. Well this time was horrendous, they couldn't get to my uterus (it's tipped really far back) so had to swap beds half way through and it was so painful I was shaking and in tears. They have now said that they don't think it all came a way so I have to come back for a scan in a week. Has anyone had this? Did it come away on the meantime or did you have to have another procedure?
Fecking miscarriages. So fed up. Can't believe so many of us go through this. My first natural mc was a walk on the park compared to this afternoon.
I am still on the ward laid up as bleeding heavily but due to go home in an hour or so.

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lola4lee · 13/04/2012 15:45

Im so sorry for your losses and that you are having an awful time of it.
Unfortunately I can't advice my erpc was under GA and luckily no problems except painful during recovery but just got morphine!!
I hope the scan comes back as all gone then at least you don't have to go thru another one.
Good luck xx

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