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blighted ovum or late starter?

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funthatisfunny · 03/04/2012 10:53

I had a viability scan yesterday due a suspected ectopic and should have seen something that resembled my dates of 6+6. Instead there was a small, empty gestational sac dating 4/5 weeks.

i was sent home with a 'we have to wait and see, you may have your dates wrong' and am back again in ten days. I know we last BDd on mon 27th feb and I had a faint BFP 12 days later on 10 March (we were trying), so i dated my pregnancy from the Tuesday 28th- i should be 7 weeks today. I don't have my dates wrong. i did another pg test today and it was the strongest one yet, I still have all my symptoms and have had no sniff of any bleeding or cramping.

Could it be remotely possible that this one is a late starter (do you get late starters?)? The sonographer was insistent that some babies take longer to 'catch' (what does this mean) and Dr did not want to encourage me to think all was lost but then... It was an empty sac - where's my baby? DS was such an easy pregnancy but they did date him as having been conceived the week after we BD'd (DH was very proud of his super sperm!)... maybe my babies to take a while to get off the blocks? Or is it really likely that this baby stopped developing 2/3 weeks ago but my body is increasing in HCG?

Thank you so much for reading; I am such a mess sat here trying to finish a PhD but also waiting to miscarry. my family are meant to be leaving me alone for easter to work but I wonder if I should ask them to stay if i might start to miscarry? :( Such a sad time.

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Cakeplease · 03/04/2012 16:14

I'm so sorry for what you are going through, it is just hideous. The sonography means implant when he says 'catch'. It absolutely could have taken longer or you are right it could have stopped progressing a few weeks ago. I was in a similar situation last week and I'm sorry to say the miscarriage began last Thursday. I hope you do not have to go through it and your little one is a late starter. I'm here if you need a chat or just to post. Look after yourself & rest. I know how frightening and draining the unknown is xxx

funthatisfunny · 04/04/2012 11:11

Thanks cake. It is utterly shit :( I hope you are ok and thanks for clearing up the catch comment. It is impossible not knowing whether I have a baby growing happily... or just not. My heart says prepare for not, but my body is telling me I am very pregnant today. Such a headfuck.

You are kind cake, same to you if you need to talk. good luck and take care x

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