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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

miscarriage at 6wk

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liss29 · 01/04/2012 12:57

i really dont know what 2 do as ive never done this. When i found out i was pregnant i wasnt sure how 2 feel after a few wks i started coming round 2 the idea and i couldnt wait 2 be a mum but then i started smearing so i went 4 an early scan and they found a heartbeat a few wk later i started bleeding so went 2 get checked up and was told the horrid news id lost my baby :'( i know i was only 6wks pregnant and im not the only person its happened 2 but i really am questioning myself and wondering is it something ive done. I feel really down and dead inside this sounds silly as i was only 6wk but i was 9wks when i learnt id lost it at 6wk. I would like 2 try again but i get scared of getting close 2 my boyfriend and it upsets me as he says im pushing him away. It was my 1st pregnancy id like 2 try again but im scared it will happen this normal?

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lizziebennet · 01/04/2012 14:16

I am so sorry for your loss.

What you are feeling is totally normal, but it's not your fault you lost your baby, it's just really bad luck and doesn't make it any more likely to happen again.

Talk to your boyfriend and give yourself a break.

wrigle · 01/04/2012 14:19

HI Liss29, I'm begining to learn myself that preety much anything is normal after a MC. I wouldn't worry about it being "only 6 wks" or 9 weeks, you'd become attached and had started thinking about the future, you's started investing in the process. I'm so sorry you lost your baby, this site is a useful one for getting support and learing about other poeple's experiences, and you'll see that loads of women are scared to try again after an MC, you have to think about what's right for you. Take very good care of yourself for now.

liss29 · 02/04/2012 18:27

Thanxu 4 ur kind words and support lizziebennet and wrigle ive read a few storys and realise im not in this alone and there are more women goin through the same thing and i feel i can easily talk and express myself on here thanxu xx

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