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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Lots of questions! When can you TTC after a natural miscarriage? Etc. I need your pearls of wisdom Ladies.

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Cakeplease · 01/04/2012 10:16

Hi, it's early days in my miscarriage journey but I'm trying to arm myself with all the facts about what happened and if it will happen again etc. I have just had a blighted ovum and a natural miscarriage at 7 weeks. My first pregnancy was great and I have a beautiful 17 month old. I have a few questions. Do any of you lovely ladies have any answers??

I'm frightened of miscarrying again and wanted to find out the possibility of this after a successful first pregnancy and one miscarriage?

Next time round should I do anything differently? (I thought I'd done it all 'right' this time - vits, no booze, coffee etc)

Do I need to see my GP and have any tests (for infection etc) before TTC?

Also how long do I need to wait before TTC? After a natural miscarriage does my body need time to heal? Would it be better to wait until after a period? (thicker lining etc) or just until -ve pregnancy test? I can't find a conclusive answer.....

I'm not planning ttc yet but want as much information as possible.

Thank you in advance

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stelabelle · 01/04/2012 17:53

Hi cakeplease, me again! I had a blighted ovum and 6 wks and have just had another early miscarriage. I'm so sorry for your loss, everyone is different and there is no reason why nextvtknd you won't go on to have z healthy pregnancy like your first. I think we've been unlucky and we are having sond tests soon to see if ours is more underlying because I've not had z successful pregnancy and I'm 41 and a bit.

Regarding GP tests for infection, there should be no need unless you see snyhting out of the ordinary, just keep a track of everything and once everything is settled, you will be able to think about the future. It took me 3-4 cycles for everything to appear normal again and a further 4 to conceive again but everyone is different.

It's a tough time, I'm sorry you're having to go through it, just listen to your body, go easy on yourself and as I said in my other post, any questions please do PM me, in the meantime, take care.

Estelle xx

qazxc · 01/04/2012 21:19

sorry to hear about your loss.
I've also had a miscarriage last week (week 11).
The doctors told me that next time i would have the same chance as any other woman of miscarrying (one in 4).
They recommended i wait til after i had a period before trying again, but that it was more to do ease of dating the future pregnancy than ability to get pregnant.
I'm going to see my gp in the next couple of weeks as recommended, but i think it's more of a precaution than anything else.
As you said yourself you followed all the healthy pregnancy rules so don't feel guilty, it is nothing that you did or didn't do.
I'm just going to play it by ear, see how i recover physically and emotionally. Give yourself time to heal and look after yourself. Do what's right for you.

MayaAngelCool · 01/04/2012 21:23

So sorry about your MCs, ladies. Sad

The advice used to be 6 months. I'm glad I didn't know that until after I conceived DS, which was 1 month after I mc'd. Apparently if you TTC sooner rather than later you're statistically more likely to conceive. Certainly worked for me.

I don't know what reasons medics tend to give for waiting, though, but certainly the 6 month thing is out the window.

Good luck! Smile

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