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what did you do on your EDD?

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tasmaniandevilchaser · 30/03/2012 19:59

HI, I had a MMC in November and my EDD is coming up, the only way I thought I would be able to bear it, was if I was pg again. After having an ectopic pregnancy last month, that's not going to happen.

What did you do on your EDD, to remember your baby?

OP posts:
Springforward · 30/03/2012 20:38

To be honest, I went to work as usual but DH and I had a cuddle and a cry after DS went to bed.

I felt that hardest thing about my early mc x 2, once the initial grief settled a little, was the lack of a "funeral". I did think about approaching my priest for a blessing, and still might- my 2nd EDD is in July.

AmandinePoulain · 30/03/2012 20:43

We planted a shrub shortly after the mc itself, on my dd I went and had a quiet 5 minutes and a cry there. Dh was at work at the time but it didn't feel wrong that I was alone, it felt peaceful. I'd hoped to be pregnant again by then but I wasn't, which made it a double blow. We actually went on holiday later that day, and to be honest as I walked away from that shrub I think I moved on a little bit, and although I'm still sad about it all I don't think I've cried about it since or got too upset.

I hope the day passes peacefully for you x

Springforward · 30/03/2012 21:23

Can I share a quote with you, which I found comforting on my EDD?

"I will not insult you by trying to tell you that one day you will forget. I know as well as you do that you will not. But, at least, in time you may not remember as fiercely as you do now - and I pray that that time may be soon." (Terence Rattigan)

This just seemed apt to me.

stelabelle · 01/04/2012 17:25

Hi Tasmaniandevilchaser, firstly I'm so sorry for how you are feeling, my first EDD was early Feb and it was hard, but I wrote a little litter to the baby from myself and DH to say how we wished things had been different and that we miss our unborn angel baby and we hope to be good parents one day, then I attached it to a big red heart shaped balloon and took it to the park and set it free! It made me feel loads better. Sadly we had another MC two weeks ago so have another to mark in November, it's not easy but you just have to do what's right for you. Thinking of you.

Estelle xx

SauvignonBlanche · 01/04/2012 17:28

That's lovely Springforward, I went to DS2's grave, it was a hard day.
I also are lots of chocolate.

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