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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

First miscarriage, what's going to happen?? No idea what to expect. Help please?

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Cakeplease · 29/03/2012 16:24

So the HCG levels are dropping (now 1830 from 2180 2 days ago) and the brown spotting is now red and heavier. The EPU advised me that this pregnancy wasn't successful and to go back for rpt bloods on Monday.

I have no idea what to expect. How long will the miscarriage take? Will it be painful? How heavy will the bleed be?

I am 7 weeks pregnant & the pregnancy stopped progressing at 5+1.

I'm devastated and scared of what is to come. If anyone is able to share their experience it might help me understand what to expect. I'm sorry, I know it is a sensitive subject for us all.


OP posts:
smartiesrule · 29/03/2012 16:35

Firstly can I say I am very sorry for you to be in this terrible situation.

You will probably bleed for 2 weeks +. There will be largish lumpy bits in the first few days, then it will deminish. With my 3 MC's I didn't have any pain, but everyone's different.

Take it easy, look after yourself, and stay positive. Most women who have MC's usually go on to have healthy pregnancies.

Cakeplease · 29/03/2012 16:44

Thank you smarties. That helps. How will I know that it has all gone? Will the hospital check?

Will I have to wait for a negative preg test? My head is all over the place :(

OP posts:
smartiesrule · 29/03/2012 17:08

A pregnancy test will still be positive for up to 6 weeks.

You don't usually get an ultrasound unless there appear to be complications like bad pain, bleeding that doesn't stop, etc. You will just stop bleeding naturally like a period. It will get less and less until it stops. You may occasionally discharge larger bits later on, but this doesn't happen often.

Personally, I would give my body a break of 2 months before trying again, so you can be accurate with dates (assuming you are trying again). It is normal to be extremely upset, especially if it was a planned pregnancy. It does help to talk if you have any friends that would listen.

I know how you feel, and all I can say is that it does get better. The Miscarriage Association are a good place to turn to.

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