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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Is it a miscarriage?

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wrigle · 16/03/2012 19:37

This morning I had a light spot on the tissue, hard to tell during the day but I figured if I couldn't tell then it was less concerning, this evening I've spotted twice, a light pink and a dark streak, and now I think I might be having cramps. It's harder to tell because I had a stressful day and didn't eat properly. But I had a big change in symptoms about a week ago, felt less hormonal, still have some boob ache but less so. This is sad and concerning. Now it's Friday night, how long should I wait to ask for help to see what's going on, and who do I ask for help. I'm 10+4.

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ilovesprouts · 16/03/2012 19:39

you need to go to a/e or ring epu now just to put ya mind at rest

wrigle · 16/03/2012 19:48

thank you, just had a little cry and told partner and he's taking me to a&e. I really appreciate you responded.

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jkklpu · 16/03/2012 19:50

Crossing fingers it might stop - complete bebdrest the only way to do so. But know what this time is like - mc-ed 1yr and 1 wk ago at 8wks

sarahbanks · 16/03/2012 19:53

I hope all goes well for you at a&e, good luck xx

wrigle · 16/03/2012 19:59

I'm just sitting here waiting for partner to locate car, sorry to hear your news jkklpu. This is such a rollercoaster. I hate medical appointments as well and know I'll cry all the way through it and feel silly. Ahh, he's here, thanks all of you.

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minceorotherwise · 17/03/2012 09:38

How are you this morning wrigle?

wrigle · 17/03/2012 11:35

Thanks for asking, just waiting now. I was given a scan appt for Wednesday morning first thing, it was the earliest. Doc said I could ring Mon/tue morning to see if there are any cancellations I can slot into instead. The administrator and the doc were both lovely, I was crying and they were calm and kind. The urine test was positive but I've learned from MN that it can remain that way for days after. Today just the same as yesterday re spotting, sometimes pink, only red (and v dark at that) once, that was yesterday evening, have had what I can only describe as flecks sometimes. I just feel like a child, I don't want this. So much for any maturity that might come with being 39. I've read about other MN's going to work at times like this, I'm lucky I don't work weekends as I don't see how it would be possible to focus on anything else. Am going to spend the day on the sofa.

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jaylee89 · 17/03/2012 13:14

im so sorry to hear your going through this wrigle. my thoughts are with you and just stay positive my lovely. be kind to yourself and loads of rest.


Aworryingtrend · 19/03/2012 15:50

I am 9 weeks and I have had lots of bleeding so far due to a polyp on my cervix. the increased blood flow to the cervix xauses it to bleed even if you weren''t aware of it before. It could be you Have something similar, so don't lose heart until you know for certain otherwise.

Best of luck for your scan.

minceorotherwise · 19/03/2012 16:05

Yes, good luck for wed . Hope it goes well

wrigle · 19/03/2012 17:50

Thanks gys, it's not to be though I'm afraid. Tried to have a glass of wine last night to comfort myself through the awful proces, nearly passed out after a couple of sips. Think the process has finished today. Awful, sad stff.

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MrsHende · 19/03/2012 17:52

So sorry Sad

jaylee89 · 19/03/2012 17:54

so sorry hunni my thoughts are with you . be kind to yourself big non-MN hug xxx

MyLittleMiracle · 19/03/2012 17:59

So so sorry. I really do hope you are wrong. It is important still that you go for your scan on wednesday. It will either confirm your suspicions or provide you with hope.

Sorry you are having such a hard time. If it helps my mum miscarried at the same age as you, and went on to have me at 41, so all is not lost.

Kind regards.


morecoffeepleaseholdthecake · 19/03/2012 18:02

Thinking of you wrigle. Only just seen this thread. Hope you're resting as best you can . X

minceorotherwise · 19/03/2012 18:28

Look after yourself wrigle.

wrigle · 20/03/2012 08:07

Thanks, feel up to looking at the miscarriage threads today, moving forward bit by bit. And thanks MLM, a part of me hopes too, but it's not possible, without going into disturbing details, there can't possibly be anything left. But I am comforted to hope that another pregnancy will be possible.

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MyLittleMiracle · 20/03/2012 19:40

Another pregnancy will be possible. I lost two and now have a healthy little boy, who is almost two. The pain will always be there, but you learn to live with it. It not forgotten, more like accepted.

I am so sorry. Wishing you all the best for your scan tomorrow, which even if your sure, you still need to go to, because and this isnt going to sound nice, but sometimes you dont have a complete miscarriage, and there is still retained products left which need to be removed. Its horrid to write it like that, i know. I had two missed miscarriages, as in nothing happened, just their hearts got to 8-9 weeks and then stopped beating.

My thoughts are with you tomorrow.

wrigle · 21/03/2012 19:53

Thanks again everyone, the experience was awful this morning. They hadn't had the updated record from my A&E visit Sunday night so thought I was still just having light bleeding and I had to tell them the whole story. I then had to take a pregnancy test as they said I didn't need a scan if the test was negative. It was positive (cue second flood of tears). I then had to have both the on top of the belly scan and then the internal scan as the first was inconclusive. I then had to see a 3rd woman who'd sought advice about my scan, my womb was empty but still thick, so not complete, but as I was ony 1mm out of the recomended range they would allow me to continue naturally. But I have to take a pregnancy test in 10 days to confirm it's finally done. I got really angry today, I had to keep apologising. I keep thinking each day, half day, hour, is a step further away from the awful experience and a step towards some time in the future when we can try again. reading about your experiences has helped. Poeple don't talk about this do they? And I haven't thought to ask, I was so naiive, I will look after those around me better in the future now that I know more about what it can mean to miscarry. And I know I'm "fortunate" it wasn't later in the pregnancy. What a complex experience.

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MyLittleMiracle · 21/03/2012 20:04

Whether its early or later on in pregnancy it is still a loss, and you still need to give yourself chance to greive. My two angels, still come back to me occasionally, this coming monday should have been littley's due date, would have been three, dont expect the pain to go and never return but it will get easier to deal with. My eldest should have been 5 last boxing day. So its filled with happiness, but also a tinge of sadness. There will be days where you cry for no reason and others where you want to curl up in a ball. All of these are normal feelings.

I hope life gets better for you. xx

wrigle · 21/03/2012 20:05

Ps, I really appreciate you all helping me through this, I've joined a thread for people who've miscarried now that, in a shockingly short space of time, I have earned a place on that. So I will "move" over there now. Thanks for everyhing.

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