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About to miscarry

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izzybizzybuzzybees · 15/03/2012 16:47

I had some bleesding yesterday and got an appointment at epu. We have just been to epu. Looks like I've lost the baby :( had scan and sonographer said bluntly there's something in your womb but looks like retained products. Got blood taken to check hormone level, will retest either sat or Mon to make sure it falls.

What will happen now?

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sunshinealwaysfollowstherain · 15/03/2012 18:31

hi izzy - I don't know what will happen to you now as have never had a m/c but did have an ectopic this week so understand the sadness you're feeling and didn't want to leave your message unanswered.

sending love to you.

do you have a partner or family with you to look after you at the moment?

teaandchocolate · 15/03/2012 19:07

Hi izzy. So sorry you're going through this, it's truly awful. I had my 2nd mc last week so understand how you are feeling. I had no symptoms with either of mine, they were picked up at scans. I was told I had 3 options: 1. Wait for it to happen naturally - as mine were missed I didn't want to wait even longer; 2. Medical management which is when you are given tablets that bring on the miscarriage - I chose not to do this mainly as I couldn't face the pain & uncertainty but the dr who did the scan encourage this approach; 3. Have an erpc which is a procedure under general anaesthetic where the retained tissue is removed. I chose this option both times & it was definitely right for me but everyones totally different an there's no right/wrong approach. Timing wise it depends on your local area and hospital but the epu should be able to explain everything more clearly.

The stage after the mc is the hardest in my opinion when you try to move on & resume some sense of normality. I found this really hard after my 1st mc but much easier this time (although it's only been 1 wk) as I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with my amazing dd 6 months after my 1st mc. So don't give up hope but be kind to yourself and do whatever you need to heal - maybe a holiday, time with family , reflexology/accupuncture even counselling. There are loads if amazing people on these boards who will support you & are going through exactly the same thing. Sending big hugs xxx

lola4lee · 15/03/2012 19:20

So sorry for your loss Izzy.
How far along were u?
I have just today had my 3rd mc (first was mmc like T&choc and I also had erpc but last 2 were very early and happened by themselves)
If you have retained bits and they don't come out naturally as T&choc says u have 2 mains choices Medical (tablet) or surgical which I agree for me is just more final, once it's done u know it is over and u can start again, but everyone is different and some prefer the medical way.
I was warned by a friend that had the medical option, that u will need a few days off work as u can experience contractions and it can be very painful (probably another reason I didn't do it)
Sending my best wishes xxx

izzybizzybuzzybees · 16/03/2012 00:03

Thank you for your replies. I was 6+3 going by LMP dates but cant have been cos of late ov so not really sure of dates.

I had a scan booked next week cos i was on clomid.

Cant believe its happening and i'm not sure what they want me to do as it wasnt discussed. Just repeating bloods as they didnt really know what was going on

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sarahbanks · 16/03/2012 08:53

Hi izzy, so sorry for what your going through and I can fully understand.

i spent most of yesterday at epu and hcg is falling so am miscarrying but not had a scan. I found the staff very blunt and they don't explain anything. I too have to go back monday for bloods.

sending you lots of love at this sad time xxx

PickleSarnie · 16/03/2012 09:01

I had two miscarriages at about the 6 week mark. The first was a suspected ectopic since my hormone levels 48 hours apart went up and not down. I was called in for more blood tests but actually started to massively bleed in the hospital so whatever it was, it took care of itself. The second was just a week of bleeding like a fairly normal period.

Hopefully since its happening so early for you, your body will take care of everything naturally so as to prevent any need for intervention and to not prolong the misery you must be feeling.

Huge best wishes for the future. If its anything of note, I got pregnant again 6 weeks after the second miscarriage (we didn't try after the first) so hopefully there's some truth behind the theory of being more fertile after a miscarriage.

izzybizzybuzzybees · 16/03/2012 10:03

Sarah sorry to hear your going through the same. I've to phone today late morning to get blood results but not sure what that's gonna do cos it was only one set. Might need more sat, if not then Mon. Have had no more bleeds at all since late on wed night. I find that odd.

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sarahbanks · 16/03/2012 19:55

Izzy - I saw my GP this afternoon and she was really good. She explained that the reason they repeat the blood tests is to make sure that everything is coming away and if the levels don't drop as much as they should they look at medical/surgical interventions.

She was suprised I wasn't scanned, but is going to monitor me herself now.

I would guess that they are going to check your levels before suggesting the best course of action.

Good luck with everything and take care xx

izzybizzybuzzybees · 16/03/2012 20:00

Thanks Sarah that makes sense i guess. HCG level was high so I have to go in tomorrow for repeat bloods, have to go to a random ward not in the mat building so i hope they are expecting me!

I hope things go as well as they can for you.

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