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Unusual Period??...

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zonat92 · 09/03/2012 21:54

Hii ladies, I had a Miscarriage in January. I was told my period would take 6-8weeks to return as i was 8weeks along! i started bleeding and cramping on Tuesday night anyway, i was very happy and relieved it would be 6weeks ago now so about right timing! just wondering is it normal for it to be pretty light? quite mucusy pinkish and no clots what so ever, have stopped bleeding this afternoon also! so bled for less than 3days? someone reassure me its normal please haha. xx

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EthelredOnAGoodDay · 09/03/2012 21:57

Hiya, replied to your other thread, but see you've moved it! Had MMC in Feb and ERPC and still waiting for period to arrive, but advised that it could be lighter or heavier than usual. Hope you're feeling ok otherwise.

zonat92 · 09/03/2012 22:03

Yeahh, accidentally posted it under "children's health" oops lol! and thanks for reassuring me. im sure its all normal im just a worrier! sorry for your loss x

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EthelredOnAGoodDay · 09/03/2012 22:10

No worries! Smile it does make you worry needlessly about everything doesn't it!

zonat92 · 09/03/2012 22:12

It definitely does! i think its the whole experience of the miscarriage, hearing of lots of people having them and never myself expecting to have 1 especially since having a very healthy little boy 11months ago! so now i expect i have things wrong that really arnt haha! it does play games with ure head! xx

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