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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Can sumone please help :(

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sunshinepants54 · 01/03/2012 20:17

Hi there. Just need some advice or reassurance because I've never heard of this...
My friend miscarried at 6 weeks exactly a month ago...
She miscarried naturally and had a follow up appointment two weeks later. At the app she had a scan n everything ok just one clot left which they said would come away in the next period if not before. All done. 
However two weeks after the app she has been having pains but the bleeding stopped after the first two weeks. She went to dr n has low blood pressure and he took some blood. He mentioned she might b able to have some medication to get the clot out and append it up but said it will feel like another miscarriage but not as heavy or intense...
Has anyone else heard of this?????
Think he took the blood to check hcg levels, how long do the results take to get to my friend???

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mylittlemonkey · 01/03/2012 22:32

Sorry about your friend. I was scanned a week after my mmc and told the same that blood clot would go naturally. I am not exactly sure whT the dr is referring to unless medical management which I some pills you can take to encourage your body to get rid of any left over bits of the mc or you can also have an operation to do this. Your friend should go back and ask her dr again if she is unsure. They also took my bloods to check for hcg levels which I got back a few hours later although that was at the hospital so they may have bee able to do it quicker than the drs. I hope she gets herself sorted soon.

sunshinepants54 · 02/03/2012 07:44

Would they give her medication to get rid of the left over tissue even though she loss her baby weeks ago? X

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