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rachwill416 · 25/02/2012 22:24

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me.....?
My close friend sadly gave birth early at 25 weeks and her baby girl died after two days.
As its coming up to her birthday/ anniversary of her death I would like to give her a special keepsake and I was thinking of getting her hand and footprints put onto some sort of plaque. I've had a search online and can only find casts etc of which you would obviously need to do with the baby. I have a copy of the prints and I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas of a place/ site which could transfer the picture onto a plaque of somesort. I'd be grateful for anyone's help! Thank you Xx

OP posts:
MrsDeeBee · 25/02/2012 22:31


Would anything on this site be any good ?


They have jewellery that you can have prints onto, and other things.

MrsDeeBee · 25/02/2012 22:31

...prints put onto, sorry.

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