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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Pregnant after 5 mc's!

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Ju1es22 · 19/02/2012 14:13

Hey everyone

Well i'm now 11 weeks 2 days pregnant! Its been a scary few weeks had three lots of bleeds and three scans.

My last scan was at 10 weeks after bleed and we saw our happy baby bouncing aroud, with lovely strong heartbeat 175 beats a minute!

I've had such bad morning/evening sickness which seems o be easing. I know I should be happy but im starting to freak out again! Got my 12 week scan weds my birthday too so we'll soon see, just need some reassurance I guess!

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GinPalace · 19/02/2012 15:56

OOOOo congratulations! Don't know enough about this stuff to say anything really reassuring in a definite way. But your baby is alive and well - so it has every chance and I'm sure you will be snuggling he/she in your arms in no time. Grin

Happy birthday too! Thanks

Ju1es22 · 19/02/2012 16:44

AWww thankyou ginpalace!

Meant to say sickness seems to be gone or going its been getting less and less in the last few days! I had a a missed miscarriage dated at 10 weeks 5 days 18 months ago so bricking it still!

Guess we'll see on Wednesday hope I get a lovlet peak at bean would make my birthday the best I've had in a few years!

OP posts:
Sumsey · 19/02/2012 22:28

sending u positive vibes hon xxxxxx

WishingIWasLucky · 20/02/2012 11:13

congratulations hunni. sooo happy for you. keeping everything crossed for you and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. x

farfallarocks · 20/02/2012 12:59

Wonderful news jules, were you on a treatment plan this time?

GinPalace · 21/02/2012 14:11

Had your scan yet? :)

Ju1es22 · 21/02/2012 19:25

Got my scan tomorrow morning thanks everyone! Regretting saying i felt better Sunday couldn't keep my tea down!

The only thing different this time is I've taken 5 mg folic acid and 75 mg aspirin since 3 months before conception and still taking! I've had 3 scans due to bleed so fingers crossed all will be ok tomorrow too

OP posts:
DizzyDancing · 21/02/2012 19:31

Congrats! I lost my 1st 2 pgs to m/c then took aspirin 3rd time and gave birth to a healthy boy now nearly 4 yrs old!

Good luck for tomorrow x

mynameis · 21/02/2012 19:36

Ah that is lovely news bought a smile to my face.
I now have a beautiful 7 month DD after 3 recurrent miscarriages, I also had aspirin for the first 3 months and then was put on clexane injections from 11 weeks til 2 weeks postnatal. Painful but worth it Smile

Ju1es22 · 23/02/2012 08:41

Hello everyone

Just wanted to update you on our good news, 12 weeks pregnant dating scan yesterday and one lively baby , gave me a big birthday wave, with a lovely heartbeat! Edd 6 sept 2012!

Other good news is my bad sickness seems to disappearing and I'm starting to get my appetite back! Anyone else felt better around this stage?

OP posts:
GinPalace · 23/02/2012 10:11

OOoooo Brilliant! Fab news - best birthday ever or what? Grin

with my ds I stopped feeling sick bob-on at end of first trimester - proper text book. :)

farfallarocks · 23/02/2012 11:26

Wonderful news :)

willitbe · 23/02/2012 12:17

That's fantastic news, congrats Smile

lj123 · 23/02/2012 20:53

Congratulations, somwone like you gives me hope:) jus mc for second time and i know im pregnant only due to spotting, which both times has been unsuccesful. :) yay!

womanlytales · 24/02/2012 10:14

mynameis could you please share why you were on clexane injections? I had a late miscarriage at 22 weeks, followed by a subsequent early miscarriage and wondering about progesterone support.

mynameis · 24/02/2012 20:04

Grin fantastic news op

womanlytales I met the criteria for the risk of thrombosis and consultant felt clexane would aid the pregnancy
Not sure if that was what worked but I was happy to try anything he suggested by that point Smile

Ju1es22 · 09/03/2012 12:17

Thanks everyone for your congrats just wanted to share a happy outcome from rmc!

Im 14 weeks now ms all but gone n im feeling so much better in myself, although im starting g to get really stroppy at poor hubby!

Good luck to you all on your ttc journeys

OP posts:
howhardcanthisbe · 09/03/2012 12:19

Big big congratulations!!!

lola4lee · 09/03/2012 13:16

Great news congratulations.

harrietlichman · 13/03/2012 13:35

Fantastic news, congratulations! Thanks for posting about this - you give hope to a lot of people! x

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