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Bleeding after ERPC

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Dru77 · 16/02/2012 08:12

So it's been 24 days since I had an ERPC for MMC (measured 8 wks when I should have been 10) and I am still bleeding. It's gone through phases but is approx as heavy as a period now. I called the GP last week and they've referred me for a scan but I am also having ovulation type pains now so I have no clue what's going on! I though the bleeding was supposed to stop by 2 weeks?

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melabert · 16/02/2012 20:29

Hi Dru77,
I had an ERPC for my 2nd miscarriage at 9 weeks and I found the bleeding stopped within a week or so. I'm sure it's different for everyone though. Could it be possible that your period is now starting? Mine came 28 days to the day following the operation so I had only stopped bleeding about 14 days earlier if you see what I mean. I think you are doing the right thing getting it checked out and would push for a scan as soon as possible. I'm sorry this probably isn't very helpful as I have no answers for you, but I've been there and feel for what you are going through.
Good luck and I hope the scan is all clear for you so that you can put this horrible time behind you.

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