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WTF is going on with these ov tests!! Gggrrrrr!!!

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RIBS · 25/01/2012 22:11

Il keep it as brief as poss, mmc at 12 wks, 2x failed medical management then ERPC nearly 5 wks ago.
Started to do OV tests at nearly 4 weeks after ERPC so surely all the hormone level is out by then. But get a neg ov test, then faint positive, then neg then faint positive and so on. Just had 2 days of faint positives.

Is this normal or are my bits just getting more awkward by the day or is it poss the ERPC missed a bit of "tissue" - Dont you just hate it when they call it that!

Thanks ladies, my poor little heads fried!

OP posts:
Chestnut99 · 25/01/2012 23:04

I think it took my body a couple of months to settle down after an ERPC - I didn't go and talk to the GP or hopsital about it but my cycle was shorter and the bleeding lasted longer than normal. Also, if you think about it, your body will have been full of pregnancy hormones which suddenly stopped dead, so it's not surprising if you don't get back to normal instantly. My suggestion would just be to be gentle with yourself and trying not to get too obsessed with the tests just yet - and enjoy a few weeks when you can relax into a Wine or two without worrying :)

zonat92 · 25/01/2012 23:21

sorry about your mc hun! i had 1 2day :(. this happened with my tests b4 mine. i had a BFP then they got lighter then negative yesterday then this today! i hope this isnt the case for u, maybe take 1 with 1st pee in the morning? ment too pick it up better. good luck x x x

RIBS · 26/01/2012 11:42

Sorry to hear about your mc, hugs to you too Zonat.

I think I do just need to chill a bit and wait and see what happens but its easier said than done. It took me 10 months to get pg, im no spring chicken either. I just want to at least know whan im ovulating so I feel like ive got some control and some sort of time frame for me to even try to get pregnant. Iv got PCO's so I could be literally months before I ov and its bloody hard work having to to DTD every other day for months and months. We were glad of the rest when I finally got pg!!

God dam lady bits!! Fellas dont know the half of it!

OP posts:
zonat92 · 26/01/2012 13:11

Thankyou :). & they say if u have sex every two - three days, chances are u will catch ur obvulation day. and sperm lives for a while in your body so even if u have sex a few days b4 obvulation u could easily concieve. lots of luck and baby dust too u :) x x

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