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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Feeling very sad

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MistressofPemberley · 19/01/2012 09:26

Hello all.
I've just had a chemical pregnancy; started bleeding 3 days after BFP. It's knocked me for six as I've had 2 mcs in the last 2 years. I am desperate for another baby. My son is 4 next month. I was so hopeful for this pregnancy.

We are going to try one more time before seeking medical assistance. Just not sure how to keep going. I've ordered a book about fertility, and I'm going to try zero alcohol and caffeine throughout my cycle.

I'm a new teacher which is stressful, and leaves me little time for anything else. I'm thinking about quitting work in the summer to focus on TTC and any tests. I'm also desperate to be around when DS starts school. Which is why my September baby would have been so wonderful. Husband is 100% behind any decision I make.

Just wanted to offload. I'm at home today moping.

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bugster · 19/01/2012 09:29

So sorry about the loss of the pregnancy. Hopefully someone can be with you today, so you are not all alone feeling sad.

MistressofPemberley · 19/01/2012 09:34

Thanks bugster. DH is here, back from a night shift. He's waiting to go to sleep but we have a bloody house alarm man here! I'm keeping the bed warm and despairing over the quality of daytime tv Hmm

OP posts:
MistressofPemberley · 19/01/2012 22:11

Bump. Or something. It's a bit fucking quiet on these boards.

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philbee · 20/01/2012 15:15

Hi there. This sounds really hard. Our DCs are similar age, my DD is 3.5 now. I think that worry about the age gap is difficult. I'd wanted about 3 years, was pg last year, which would have been due last week, but miscarried. We've been trying for 5 months now but no luck so far, and as I'm 35 I think I may go to GP as well, soon. I'm also on zero alcohol, and cut the coffee to one a day and decaff after that, but may cut down further. I've got some ovulation tests as well, and have ordered the charting book, but think it's a bit much for me.

It was still a pregnancy, you know, however short lived. Let yourself grieve for it and look after yourself. The conception stuff is so stressful, and so unmanageable really, it must be hard to get back to it straight away. I hope the book is helpful.

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