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Miscarriage at 12 weeks - some advice please

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newmum75 · 08/01/2012 18:18

I had a natural miscarriage shortly after having my 12 week scan (which showed no heartbeat, sac was 11 weeks, foetus was 7 weeks). After the bleeding from the miscarriage stopped, I then started bleeding again about 6 weeks later. The bleeding is very light but has gone on for nearly 4 weeks. Should I go to my GP or just sit it out. I'm desperate to conceive again. Any advice would be great.

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PQ77 · 08/01/2012 18:34

I'm sorry about your loss. Did you have a scan after the mc to check everything was gone? I would suggest that you push for one if not - every Dr i have ever seen (and there have been a few!) have said it's advisable.

The subsequent bled could have been your period but for it to go on for several weeks is not entirely normal I don't think. Best to get the all clear before you ttc again in case there is anything retained or an infection. Best of luck.

newmum75 · 08/01/2012 22:12

Thanks for your reply. I did go for a scan after which showed a very small amount of tissue so maybe it's that. The bleeding doesn't show any sign of stopping so maybe I should go to the doctors... Just want everything back to normal!

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frazzled74 · 09/01/2012 00:27

thinking of you, exact same thing happened to me, was last of "pregnancy products" but get checked anyway , it would be good to get another scan and draw a line under horrible time.

newmum75 · 09/01/2012 22:19

Thanks -that's really reassuring to know someone's gone through the same thing.

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BeQuicksieorBeDead · 06/02/2013 12:16

Hope you are feeling better, just seen this thread and wanted to tell you it happens alot. I spotted for months after a mmc at twelve weeks, my gp didnt know why, had all the tests but nothing... Then it stopped. My consultant thought it could be stress related.

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