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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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nevergiveuphope · 07/01/2012 16:07

Hi I'm new to this.I'm looking for people to talk to so I can try and come to terms with my recent mc

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Munx · 07/01/2012 16:15

I am so sorry for your loss, would you like to talk about it?

I have had two. I had one at 7 weeks two years ago, I fell pg with my DD straight after. I have sadly suffered another one quite recently, also at about 7 weeks.

There are lots of wonderful posters who can help.

nevergiveuphope · 07/01/2012 16:31

I was just over seven weeks had scan last week and baby had good strong hb it looked good then Tuesday went back in hb was gone sprout had died and I'm gutted we tried for three years for this and now it's gone.did I do something wrong

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Munx · 07/01/2012 16:34

You have done nothing wrong, there is nothing you could have done to make it happen or not happen.

At this early stage it is genetic thing, nothing could have prevented it.

I am so very sorry. We had difficulty conceiving too.

Practically, are you coping? Are you having management?

These next few weeks will be difficult of course, can you take some time off work? I hope you have some RL support.

Here if you want to talk.

Sazbrilla · 07/01/2012 16:37

No u didn't do anything wrong. I felt the same way with both of my mcs. It's hard to deal with. I had one 3 years ago and the other in November 2010. I promise it gets easier to deal with but it helps to talk so talk away if you want and we will all try to help as most know what it's like x

nevergiveuphope · 07/01/2012 17:25

I'm an older mum so my time is running out and I know it's not gonna be easy but can't give up

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