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still bleeding, is this normal?

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elliejjtiny · 03/01/2012 18:07

I had an erpc 11 days ago. They said I would bleed for 2-7 days but I'm still bleeding now. It was spotting at the beginning and I only needed a pantyliner but it goes through stages of being heavier, then lighter and back again. No pain, high temp etc. I was told not to do any lifting for 48 hours which I didn't but then dh got man flu and I had to go back to carrying our 11 month old and physically disabled nearly 4 year old which I think isn't helping. I'm worried as on thursday ds1 (aged 5) goes back to school so I will have school runs and preschool runs to do as well (1.5 miles each way and I don't drive). Should I go to GP? I'm not sure if there's anything they can do really except tell me not to lift the children and nobody is going to lift them for me.

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Angelswings · 03/01/2012 18:08

Sorry to hear about your MC

I bled for over 2 weeks, they told me not to worry about the first 14 days

kebbie · 03/01/2012 22:22

I'm also really sorry for your loss. I had an ERPC in November and 3 weeks later was still bleeding slightly and had pain in my ovaries but no cramping or fever but just felt that something wasn't right. I phoned the hospital where I had the ERPC done and slightly exaggerated my symptoms so that I could have another scan done. They found that that there were still retained products left and so I had to have another ERPC the next day. They said that it is quite rare for that to happen though. I think it's normal to bleed for 2 weeks but if after that you're still bleeding you should phone the hospital and say whatever you need to to make them give you a scan. I really hope you stop bleeding soon - it's so terrible when it just drags on and on.

elliejjtiny · 04/01/2012 11:28

Thankyou. Bleeding has become spotting again, fingers crossed it will stop for good soon. If I'm still bleeding on friday I will ring the hospital or the gp. This happened when I had ds3 and the midwife said it was because I was carrying ds2 and generally running around looking after 3 children under 5.

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