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Sudden dramatic drop in morning sickness, could it be miscarriage?

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Laurarj84 · 13/12/2011 20:29

I had a missed miscarriage in 2009 at 5 weeks but didn't miscarry naturally until 10weeks. I have had a successful pregnancy since then and my daughter is 18 months. We have planned this pregnancy and I am 7 weeks. Up to now I have had severe morning sickness, being sick up to 7 times a day and feeling sick permanently. I've had horrendous food aversion, being able to eat hardly anything, can't go in the kitchen, shop for food, cook, wash up, smell any type of food or drink. Today I suddenly feel dramatically better, I haven't been sick at all and only wretched a couple of times this morning and at lunch. I feel a little queasy now but nothing like the last few weeks. With my last pregnancy I was sick for 6 months. I just feel like something is wrong. Has anyone else had this experience? I daren't google it, I really want this baby.

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EllenandBump · 13/12/2011 20:40

That did happen to me with my two miscarriages, which i like you had "delayed" miscarriages and had to have the baby surgically removed. Fortunatly i now have a 18month old boy. My morning sickness decreased rapidly with him (and my ex husband suffered it instead which everyone found hilarious) but he was born happy and perfectly healthy at 39weeks +1. I would try not to worry about it. every baby is different, and the difference between a boy and a girl can be enormous. xxx

suebfg · 13/12/2011 20:47

I've only had one baby so I don't have a lot of experience but the first 6 weeks, I had morning sickness and then it disappeared. I think this is perfectly normal.

oldgran · 13/12/2011 21:33

This happened to me - with first two dcs I had morning sickness from 6 weeks until 12 weeks. With my last one the morning sickness disappeared overnight at 8 weeks. I later had a mmc at 11 and a half weeks, and found out the baby had died at 8 weeks. Sad
Hope this isn't the case for you.
The one good thing about it was that when I found out the baby had died, I sort of knew already in my heart, so I think I was prepared.

pushmepullyou · 13/12/2011 21:43

I had bad morning sickness with both times, and also had odd periods within that where the sickness almost disappeared (temporarily). I was in a big panic too, but my GP reassured me that this could be perfectly normal and happily in my case this was true.

You may well find that in a day or two you are throwing up constantly again!

I understand how worrying it is though. Can you afford a private scan? Most don't charge you if you have had missed miscarriage and are not too expensive for a reassurance scan (maybe £50 I think).

Laurarj84 · 14/12/2011 09:24

Thank you all. I was sick again first thing this morning and trying to think rationally about it, I've had no pain or spotting, which I did the first time.

I have my doctors appointment to kickstart the antenatal care on Thursday morning so I will give them all the info then and see what they say. I managed to get a 'viability' scan (horrible term) last time because I was so worried after the mc. So I will see if the sickness fades anymore and ask if I can get an earlier scan.

Thank you everyone xx

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