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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

New miscarriage diagnosis criteria

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cher31 · 26/11/2011 11:57

We have found ourselves confused by the new criteria for sac measurements for diagnosing miscarriages. I am 9 weeks since LMP and have an empty gestational sac that keeps growing but is not big enough as yet to conclude nothing is going to grow. If this would have happened last month it would all be over now but instead got to go back again next week and again take hospital bag. Know changes are for a reason but surely docs could look at other factors too ie date of LMP. Any one else found these changes affecting them?

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DizzyDizzy · 26/11/2011 12:02

me!!! it was really frustrustrating being in limbo, but i'm so glad. although it has turned into a miscarriage now, and i'm doing it naturally, i think i would have kept second guessing it if they'd gone straight in with an ERPC. i just didn't think about the pregnancy at all. as if the miscarriage had already taken place, then if i ended up getting good news, and everything was normal and healthy, it was a bonus. hope this helps a little. and good luck!

cher31 · 26/11/2011 12:34

Yes Dizzy I know what you mean. The doctors did in the end say they would do an Erpc if that's what we wanted but we would be going against their advice. Although I have no doubt this isn't a viable pregnancy I can't honestly say I wouldnt have doubted my decision at a later date. I will just hold tight a little longer so that at no point can I ever question my own decision

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cher31 · 15/12/2011 18:58

Just realised I never updated this thread (which I know is really annoying if others read it). Unfortunately my fears were confirmed and it was confirmed at 12.2weeks that the pregnancy was not viable. I had an ERPC and am dealing with the aftermath now. Thanks for your support

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