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Recurrent MC Clinic - Partner abroad

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holldoll · 21/11/2011 15:03

HI all - I hope this does not seem like a stupid question but my first appointment has come through for the RMC Clinic. My partner is abroad and will be for 6 weeks. Will they still be able to proceed with my investigations?
Many thanks for any replies.

OP posts:
oflip · 21/11/2011 15:05

Should be ok.
However they will want to take bloods from him at some point. (kereotyping poss)
Just look at it as a visit to get to now all about your history and what brought you there. Write down any questions you have for them too.

How many have you had and were they early mcs?

holldoll · 21/11/2011 15:30

Thanks for reply. Have one DS who is 2, conceived after 2 cycles. Since oct 2010 had 3 mc. All around 5 weeks, so very early. Last one last month.
It seems such a lottery with what you get told at these clinics.

OP posts:
oflip · 21/11/2011 16:11

Sadly yes and if liek me, you go with SO much hope for answers and a magic cure, they simply cannot offer it.

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