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Has anyone bled, then had a normal scan but then miscarried anyway?

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HannahBerry · 16/11/2011 16:12

Hi, a bit of bleeding and cramps yesterday evening then stopped last night. Today, I insisted on having a scan at the EPU. Everything normal and saw baby's heartbeat. But now I am scared that I have been too hasty. Even though I have not bled again today, I am a scared that this small bleed was a 'warning' sign that a miscarriage is on its way. Family know of scare and now I have reassured them. But feel like I have been too hasty. Has anyone experienced this only to miscarry after scan? Replies appreciated. Thank you, Hannah X

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BreeVanDerTramp · 16/11/2011 17:25

Sorry you are having a worrying time, statically chance of miscarrying after seeing a heartbeat are between 2-5% so the odds are in your favour Smile

I did miscarry my second pregnancy after scan but I bleed for a few days before scan and a few days after before finally miscarrying in a very heavy bleed. I did go on to bleed again in my next pregnancy and had a scan but pregnancy continued thankfully and DS2 is now 1 and I am pregnant again.

It sounds silly but I knew that I would m/c even when they were very positive at the EPU after good scan.

Fingers crossed for you that everything will be fine x

HannahBerry · 16/11/2011 18:41

Thank you for your reply. It was when the doctor said as I was leaving to "monitor the situation" that I thought this might not be over yet. I guess I need to wait and see. H X

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HannahBerry · 16/11/2011 18:42

Sorry, wanted to add: good luck to you too in your pregnancy! X

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escapeartist · 16/11/2011 18:59

In both my pregnancies I had bleeding, then scan (in my second pregnancy I had several scans) which showed heartbeat etc, but miscarried anyway.

HOWEVER, as Bree said, the chances of miscarriage after seeing a heartbeat are v v small (less than 5 per cent). I have a blood clotting disorder, hence what happened to me, but it is not usual or normal.

Best of luck with your pregnancy -I hope all goes smoothly from now!

iomegawoman · 16/11/2011 19:37

Hi Hannahberry, I dont want to scare you but I had spotting for a few days in October at almost 7 weeks. Doctor at EPU said implantation bleeding. I then had a scan which showed a healthy heartbeat and I miscarried that night. I hope things work out well for you - lots of women bleed but carry to term, good luck Smile.

Spellcheck · 17/11/2011 08:53

Hi Hannahberry, sorry to hear of your bleeding, if it's any consolation, many people do have bleeding in the early stages, someone I know bled throughout her pregnancy!

But you wanted to here goes...I bled at the end of September, 14 weeks gone. Was told a threatened miscarriage. Already had a mc last year so was beside myself. Had a scan, all was lovely and perfect but I had a funny feeling it wasn't right. Told myself it was pessimism, got 3 healthy dc already so all fine. Unfortunately, four weeks later got lots of pains and baby was born, alive. I had just stood up and out he came. Obviously, didn't make it, it was all over very quickly and hideously. I regret so much allowing myself to be fobbed off by doctors.

Advice - if you are worried, keep at them. In the end someone might snap and tell you that if you are miscarrying there's nothing anyone can do, which is true in most cases, but do try and get as much advice and help as possible. I had an infection that wasn't picked up because they were so busy trying to get me out of the door. The heartbreak is so intense it's scary, and I'm feeling real anger now.

I wish you all the very best with your pregnancy, look after yourself!

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