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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Just wanted to big up the m/c care at Hinchingbrooke Hospital

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Fishandjam · 14/11/2011 17:39

Hi all. I'm not sure where best to put this but here seemed logical...

I had an anembryonic pregnancy in August. My local hospital is Hinchingbrooke, and I feel the care I received there was excellent:

  • when I went for the confirmation scan, I was able to wait in a separate quiet room, away from other pregnant women awaiting booking in or anomaly scans
  • after the scan, I was able to wait in the quiet room again where a proper gynae doctor talked me and DH through the various options (natural, medical, surgical)
  • having opted for surgical, unfortunately I had to wait a weekend - couldnt be helped - but I had an emergency number to call in case everything started on its own and I felt I couldn't cope
  • when I went in for the op, I was not put anywhere near the maternity unit - I was pre-opped and recovered up in general surgery.
  • the staff discussed with me whether I wanted to attend the regular funeral service they hold for "little ones that didn't make it", or if I wanted to make my own arrangements.

In all, I was treated with care, compassion and sensitivity. It all made it so much easier to bear.

Hinchingbrooke has been in the news recently as a "failing" hospital, and has been taken over by Circle Health (in reality, a private company owned by hedge funds, no matter how much they may drivel on about being owned by the staff). I really hope that Circle doesn't see the exemplary miscarriage care as something they can save money on by cutting.
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