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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Miscarriage, followed by ectopic, now BFP

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dontlaugh · 03/11/2011 17:14

I am now 6 weeks pregnant, following the above car crash of a year, fertility wise. I am so so nervous, every time I go to the loo I nearly cry before I wipe, as I feel it is only a matter of time before I see blood. Every twinge, cramp, I wonder is this the start of a miscarriage? I've had a scan, so at least the sac is in the right place this time round, but as it was so early there was no heartbeat to be seen. I know this is usual for early scans, but it doesn't stop me worrying there won't be a heartbeat at my next scan.
Please reassure me tell me to lighten up. This does get better, doesn't it?

OP posts:
Minus273 · 04/11/2011 16:14

It's normal to be so scared after a MC. I was terrified something would go wrong when I fell pregnant again.

There is a thread on the pregnancy boards for women who have fallen pregnant after a MC. You should pop over there when you have time and you should be able to get lots of moral support.

Is your partner or someone else able to go with you to your next scan for moral support? Sending you good vibes.

Munkiii · 05/11/2011 11:04

It does get better, I promise.

I was the same after my MC with my subsequent pregnancy, the happy outcome of that pregnancy is currently napping in her cot.

Try to be kind to yourself, and many congratulations.

Muser · 07/11/2011 16:52

Hi. You are me last year! I had a miscarriage in Dec 2009, then an ectopic in Jan/Feb 2010. I got pregnant again in June 2010. At my first 6 week scan we couldn't see a heartbeat but everything was where it should be. At my 8 week scan we saw the heart pumping away.

My 8.5 month old daughter is now climbing up my leg and wiping her snotty nose on my thigh as I type this. I was scared for quite a lot of my pregnancy but got great support from the Totally's Grad thread in pregnancy. And now my daughter is here it was all worth it.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope that you have a very boring pregnancy with a very real baby at the end of it.

dontlaugh · 11/11/2011 21:13

Thanks for the lovely stories, I really appreciate it. Scan next week, I will report back, I will look at that other thread,

OP posts:
dontlaugh · 14/11/2011 19:08

Scan this morning, heartbeat there and all well so far, only another 32 weeks of worry Smile.

OP posts:
Muser · 20/11/2011 21:31

Bit late, but wonderful news about the scan. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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