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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Ooof ... probably pregnant again after sad, sad losses

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Chestnut99 · 30/10/2011 22:29

I have a feeling I am pregnant again - will know for sure in a few days. This will be pregnancy no 6: we have one DS, plus 3 MMCs and pregnancy no 5 ended in a devastating loss at about 14 weeks after discovering the baby had serious problems. In the meantime, recurrent MC tests have identified that I have low fertility (I'm 40), so the miscarriages are being put down to poor quality eggs, which makes it hard to be positive :(

So all I can do at the moment is "listen" to my womb with hope and dread and brace myself for the usual outcome of early loss or if not then a totally terrifying first trimester.

A hug and giggle with my sweet little DS makes the losses much easier to bear, but at the same time, I so so so want him to have a brother or sister.

That's all, just wanted to say "Blimey" out loud to an understanding audience. I would so love another and can't give up hope yet.

OP posts:
eaglewings · 30/10/2011 22:34

:( for your sad loses

:) that perhaps your are pregnant and this time all will go well

Northernlurker · 30/10/2011 22:35

Well good luck and don't give up because whilst you are trying there is still that hope.

Lets cross everthing for a very sticky bean and an uneventful pregnancy Smile

DizzyCow63 · 30/10/2011 22:40

Everything crossed for you here for a healthy, happy, pregnancy this time, please do let us know, will be thinking of you.

BrunettoGeeko · 31/10/2011 10:12

Sorry to hear about your pregnancy losses.
I've had 2 MCs, 2 lovely DCs followed by an MC earlier this year.

Heartbreaking but after the grief you find the strength and determination to keep going..Hoping that you are pregnant again and for a successful, healthy pregnancy all the way through :)

Dozer · 31/10/2011 20:03

It was 6th time lucky for me. Hope it works out for you.

iggi999 · 31/10/2011 20:13

I'm on my 6th pg too, with one dc.
I've reached ten weeks and every day feels like a month - but going through this is the only way to get closer to the dream. Let's hope we're both lucky this time Smile

Northernlurker · 31/10/2011 20:30

Everything crossed for you too iggi!

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