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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

So upset.....possible Molar Pregnancy....

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Tw1nkle · 27/10/2011 13:52

I had MC back in September (at 10 weeks) and have been using expectant management ever since.
Having just finished my period I went for a follow up scan this morning.
They say there is still some tissue, and it might be a molar pregnancy.
I've never even heard of a molar pregnancy before.
I have to have an ERPC on Monday, with a hysteroscopy too.

Has anyone had any experience of this?
Does anyone know how long it will take for me to get any results, to confirm a molar pregnancy, or not?


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CuttlefishDramas · 27/10/2011 14:43

Very sorry you are going through this Tw1nkle.

I had an ERPC on 9th Sept, and by the 23rd Sept they were recalling me to hospital to say they had checked my tissue samples and found it was a partial molar pregnancy.

There are some lovely ladies on here that can give you better advice than I can as I'm only just getting my head around it myself.

Good places for information are the Misscarriage Association, the Molar Pregnancy Forum , and the Charing Cross Site.

Tw1nkle · 27/10/2011 15:02

Hi CuttlefishDramas
Sorry to hear what you're going through also.
I guess I'll know one way or another in a couple of weeks.
It was hard enoigh with the MC, but now this too.....

I've done a pregnancy test, and that is negative - do you think that could be a good sign?

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leopardprintmama · 27/10/2011 15:42

Im going thru exactly the same thing as you, except ive already had an erpc, two weeks ago, and still no results. Its driving mad this wait for the results I thought they would be here by now.
I understand what your going through, in fact, if u read my earlier post u will c what I mean. Its horrible losing a baby then having to go through all this, such a long drawn out process when all you want is closure and to move on.

Its supposed to be a really rare thing but im surprised at the number of people on here that have had this.

The best peace of advice I can give you is not to google molar pregnancy, I did and ended up making myself so worried and upset by all the possible outcomes of molar pregnancy. Ive stoped doing this and I feel so much better and have decided to deal with things as and when they happen.

Fingers crossed for us both that we dont have a molar pregancy.

Tw1nkle · 27/10/2011 18:42

thanks leopardprintmama !!!
Yes, fingers crossed for us both, definately. Keep me updated on this thread? Can you chase anyone up for your results?
I am going to stop googling it too - far too scary otherwise!

The hospital told me it was rare too.
It does seem to be curable, but it seems it might take some time.

I really hope it isn't Molar, we've been TTC for 18 months, now all this, and having to wait another 6 months before we can even TTC will be so so heartbreaking!!! My DD is getting older (I'm so grateful and appreciative to have her though of course!!!), and I didn't want too much of an age gep.

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leopardprintmama · 27/10/2011 22:34

Yes I will defo keep u updated. They didnt really give me a number as such 2 chase up my results the hospital just told me that it was a specialist centre in Dundee that will be dealing with it and that they would send me a letter in a couple of weeks. But if I havent heard from them by the end of next week I will be phoning up my local hospital and ask them to help me chase up results. Only a few specialist centres deal with it in Britain so its also unlikely that it will be ur local hospital who deal with ur case either.

I totally know how ur feeling, I too really wanted to fall pregnant and after I lost the pregnancy although completely devastated, I was coming to terms with it and was looking foward to trying again. I never imagined for one second that all this as going to happen and that I possibly wont be able to ttc 4 a very long time, ur right its totally heartbreaking.

Gd luck with it all and fingers crossed for us both that everything turns out ok x

pink4ever · 29/10/2011 16:57

Hi ladies
sorry to hear you are going through this. I had a molar pregnancy 11 years ago and it was hard to get information-a lot of doctors know little about it. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones in that I needed follow up treatment-chemo-but I am absolutely fine now and have gone on to have 3 lovely dcs.

Please pm me if you need any more info. Re the follow up-in scotland the urine samples are sent to ninewells hosp in dundee-there is a number you can phone to find out what your hcg level is-I would either phone hosp direct or go online. All the best.

leopardprintmama · 30/10/2011 15:02

Hi pink4ever,
Yes they did say to me it was ninewells hospital in dundee that was dealing with my case. So far I havent sent any urine samples as im actually waiting for confirmation that it was a molar pregnancy and whether it was partial or complete molar. Im hoping I didnt have a molar pregnancy at all, but all the signs suggest that I did, so not to hopeful on that front!

Might phone next week and see if they have my results yet

artifarti · 01/11/2011 11:08

Hi ladies (waves to lovely pink who I always meet on these threads!)

Sorry you are going through this. I had an ERPC in January this year and it was three weeks later that they called to tell me I'd had a complete molar - if they already 'suspect' it, they might aim for the results quicker for you.

I won't pretend it was an easy time for me as it wasn't. But I was fortunate that I didn't need intensive treatment (20% of completes do, only a very tiny proportion of partials, 0.5% I think) and I'm now pg again and all is going well.

I echo what someone said about not Googling. Also echo that the Charing X website and the molar pregnancy forum are fantastic. I always felt like the 'case studies' they have on websites were full of people who went on to have chemo - please bear in mind that most people don't.

Fingers crossed for your results. Please come back if you have any questions or just need some support. x

pink4ever · 01/11/2011 15:54

Waves back to arti-ditto her advice about the charing cross website-very useful. Anyone who needs any advice or just a listening ear re molar pregnancy feel free to pm me.

Tw1nkle · 01/11/2011 19:32

Thanks for all the support!
I had my ERPC and the camera in yesterday, back home now and not feeling too bad.....just waiting anxiously for the results now.......

OP posts:
leopardprintmama · 01/11/2011 21:04

I phoned up to ask about my results, the lady on the telephone said that my tissue had been screened but was still to be double checked by the senior consultant. She said that hopefully my results will be in by Thursday, so fingers crossed I will know my results by Thursday.
Havent been on Charing x website yet, but I will do soon.

Thanks everyone for the support and thinking of you Tw1nkle

Tw1nkle · 07/11/2011 19:09

Hooray - I'm soooooooooooo relieved - the results came back clear!!!

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