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Tw1nkle · 19/10/2011 15:35

I had a miscarriage on 3rd September, at 10 weeks - possibly a blighted ovum.
I've had two follow-up scans, both of which have shown the sac reducing. The last scan was 3 weeks ago, and i havn't had any bleeding since!
I was meant to have another scan tomorrow, but I have phoned up and defred it again until next week - they say I can't defer it past next week though, and I'll have to opt for medical managemnt if no change.
Surely my period should be due now....
Has this happened to anyone else?
Does my body still think it's pregnant?
It's really starting to get me down now.....I just want to move on....

OP posts:
LIG1979 · 19/10/2011 19:25

Hello Tw1nkle,
So sorry for what you are going through. I would definitely go back for the scan.

I had a mc in april. Had four scans over 6 weeks and for the last 2 I had a tiny bit of product they were hoping would go on its own. It never did and I had stopped bleeding completely after 4 weeks,- it meant that whilst I had a bfn I was never going to get an af until it was gone. Eventually almost 7 weeks after the initial discovery of the mc I finally had an erpc. Then got my af 5 weeks after that.
Good luck.

bugsylugs · 19/10/2011 21:05

Twinkle I am similar to you mmc Sep 9th 9+ weeks started bleeding but only for 5 days have 12mm by 9mm RPOC they want me to wait have definately ovulated according to clear blue monitor so they expect me to bleed in next 2 weeks.

Would advise going for the scan

LIG how much did you have left

LIG1979 · 20/10/2011 08:18

Scan 1 - full sac and yoke sac at around 6 weeks with no heartbeat.
Scan 2 - about 25x12x9mm
Scan 3 - about 10x9x9 (got BFN between Scan 3 and Scan 4)
Scan 4 - about 12x10x5

I think I was a bit unusual in that I did not bleed much at all except for a big bleed before the first scan. The sonographer thought that my body was reabsorbing the products. I was greatful for the scan as not long after the second scan I had stopped spotting and so was fairly sure that I would then be given the all clear.

Emotionally, the ERPC allowed me to move on. The continuous scans was emotionally draining although I guess I should be greatful that I did not have alot of blood or pain at any point during the mc.

Sorry you are both having to go through really was a rubbish time but 6 months on even though I am still TTC things are much better.

Tw1nkle · 20/10/2011 09:03

I only have 'remaining' a grpae size - so they won't offer me an ERPC - only medication.

I'm really hoping for a period before next Thursday. We've not been TTC until this is all sorted, but if I have to go down the medical option, thenI'm tempted to start TTC after that, and not wait for period - what do you think?
I'm so confused!!!

OP posts:
eaglewings · 20/10/2011 09:21

Agree that you need to go back for a scan and have the treatment they offer. While there are still 'products' in the womb you should not be tic.

You can get false positives from clear blue telling you that you have ovulated when in fact your body is still trying to mc.

Sadly a mmc can take a long time, mine has taken 8 weeks and 2 ERPCs. I was told I had to have medical management because it was too small, but asked for an op instead. Somehow they managed to miss a 2cm plus piece of placenta in the first op! I had stopped bleeding, but still had pain after 2 weeks

Couples do go on to conceive without waiting for a period, but if you have had medical management would it not be good to let your body recover from the meds before ttc?

Hope the hospital are helpful and sensitive.

bugsylugs · 20/10/2011 09:54

Thanks lig and eagle. They will not offer me op due to small size. Have spoken to cons a few times meet her at meetings. Told her I was sure I had ovulated due to clear blue. To be fair it was running lowlow low, then increased as in previous 2 months went high and I thought it would not go to egg picture due to mmc but it did. Also scan showed 3 large follicles so they thought I was about to ovulate too. Subsequent scan thicker womb lining and no follis. Am keen to move on as was due to start IVF last month!!!!

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