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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

anybody had a sucessfull pregnancy after miscarrige

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holdenmcgroin1979 · 16/10/2011 22:19

i know i am blessed to have the 5 children i have but last year in october i lost my first angel. i am now pregnant again and am 14 weeks gone, anybody ever had an experience like this and did your pregnancy go on to be sucessfull?

OP posts:
Monkeymaker · 16/10/2011 22:49

I did.
Had a miscarriage at 10 weeks in 2009 and then went on to have a successful pregnancy in 2010. He's now just over a year now. (also have 2 dd's 8&6)

Having the 1st scan at 12 weeks was the worst cause we were in the same room as when we were told that I had miscarried, couldn't look until I knew everything was alright and then feeling them move reassuring you everything is ok.

You never forget the angel, always in your thoughts.

mrsb33 · 17/10/2011 13:43

Hi me too, lost our first baby last year at 13 weeks mmc, ironically a year on im now 13 weeks with our 2nd baby< have had our first scan and baby b is doing really well.
I dont think the loss or worry ever goes away but that first scan defo helps ease your mind doesnt it (well that and my ever increasing waist line)

good luck with the rest of your preganacy x

kirst585 · 26/10/2011 23:10

hi i had a successful pregnancy with my first who is now 4 we then suffered a miscarriage in july 2008 it nearly tore me and my partner apart but we rebuilt and tried again i became pregnant in feb 2009 and gave birth to my second beautiful daughter later that year. The first 12weeks were the scariest time in my life and i've never buried my head in the sand so much in my life. i didn't tell anyone until i was 20 weeks and had had my second scan i dont think things really settled in my mind until about 36 weeks when i then realised that i'd got to go through labour again.
The thought of another miscarriage over took my pregnancy and i wish i'd been able to put it to the back of my mind and enjoy it but i do think it made my bond with my newborn stronger as i was so grateful for her safe arrival

congratulations, and i hope ur ok throughout the rest of your pregnancy

Knackerelli · 30/10/2011 19:19

I lost a baby at 9 weeks in jan 2009; however successfully had ds in nov 2009. The first scan was very nerve wracking, think I asked about 20 times "and there's a heart beat? And everything's ok?". It wasn't easy as I never fully relaxed and held back from a lot of things. ( with dd did aerobics until 7 months, with ds too scared to barely break into a jog!). So it is a success story and I am sure yours will be too.

CollieandPup · 01/11/2011 04:31

Holden I'm sorry for your loss, but congratulations on being pg again!

I mc in dec last year at 12 week scan, found out at our scan our baby had no heartbeat. The hardest thing I've been through in my life yet.

But....I'm now 37 weeks pregnant Smile so hoping very soon this will be a success story! As others have said, the mc changed being pg for me, and the stressing was a nightmare especially before my 12 week scan!!

There is a really lovely thread in conception called the freak out room, which is full of pg women who are in early pregnancy after mc, gabd holding each other. This was what helped me keep my sanity! Or there is a bunch of us a bit further on in a thread on the pregnancy board, called totally grads.

Good luck xx

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