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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

had all three procedures for one missed miscarriage

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jayley · 14/10/2011 22:13

My husband and I went for our 12 week scan only to be told the horrible news that i'd had a missed miscarriage about 2 to 2.5 weeks previously.
We were booked in the next day for a talk with the nurse as to our options and i chose to have the ERPC the next day.
During the procedure i lost a litre of blood but other than that, everything had gone ok.
5 weeks later, i had a really heavy bleed which lasted around 10 minutes followed by a few hours of horrendous cramps. I went to bed and was fine when i woke up the next day. The following weekend (The one just gone), it happened again. My husband called the NHS Direct line and they told me to come in to A&E if it starts again but if not, go to my GP on the Monday.
I went to my GP who was fairly confused and initially diagnosed a torn blood vessel stemming from the operation and made me an emergency appointment for Wednesday. I went in, gave a urine sample which came back "Strongly positive". The nurse did a scan and found a substantial amount of RPOC. They offered me another ERPC or the medical management option. (Misoprostal) I chose medical management and we went home to begin the process. At 1pm, we 'took' the tablets as directed by the hospital guide sheet and waited for science to do it's thing. 4 hours later still nothing more than awful cramps. My husband called the hospital back up and the nurse told him as long as she was having the cramps, it's a sign the tablets were working. At 1am, still nothing and we were admitted to hospital via the NHS Direct line. (The OOH mobile number we were given for the EGU went straight to voicemail as did the 2nd one we got from the hospital)
We got back in at 3am after being told there was nothing they could do as there is not always signs of it working this early. A follow up call (my husband had to make because the hospital were over 2 hours late calling me) didn't help things as the nurse just gave excuse after excuse and started quoting statistics at us. Eventually we were booked in for another appointment this morning (Friday) where a pregnancy test once again confirmed i was still "pregnant" and another internal scan showed the same large amount of retained product inside of me. The nurse this time was brilliant and managed to get hold of the consultant who could perform the only remaining procedure i hadn't had yet, the MVA.
At 1pm we went back in and i had it done. I won't lie, it felt like my insides were being torn out. Once it was done, i had another scan confirming they had finally cleared me of any tissue and a quick Anti-d injection later i was on my way home.

It's been just over 6 weeks from getting the devastating news to finally being able to begin moving on and looking forward to starting to try again.

One of our biggest complaints is no follow up scan after the ERPC. According to the hospital, "Because of the sucess rate of the procedure, we don't offer a follow up scan." As far as we think, even if there's a slight chance it hasn't been sucessful, for peace of mind a scan should be done.

Has anyone else had an experience similar to ours?

OP posts:
bushymcbush · 14/10/2011 22:24

I haven't had a similar experience: my miscarriage was earlier and required no intervention.

But I had to say I'm so sorry for what you've been through. Yes, it should have been picked up earlier that the initial procedure hadn't been effective.

Wishing you lots of luck for the next pregnancy.

WeLoveHaribo · 17/10/2011 10:47

Im not talking from experience but this is what my sister went/is going through-
My sister has just found out that she is to have major surgery for the poss 'mess up' her miscarriage left her in.
She has no children, been trying for years, has had two miscarriages, one dealt with at home early on second was hospitalised, but NEVER did they do a scan. And now it seems that somehow something was left behind and has caused infection. She has to have 3 op's (and they may find more problems when open her up) but one of them is removal of tubes, so shes never going to have children and been told chances of ivf working are very slim.
Hope your ok now.

escapeartist · 17/10/2011 15:50

I have a similar experience, sort of. First ERPC, had continued bleeding for two weeks and kept complaining I was not well or back to normal. Got fobbed off several times. Got scanned, finally, and they found a lot of placental tissue still in place and infection. Got a second ERPC.
Currently have a missed period after 6 weeks and hormone treatment. Gynae strongly suggested it couldbe asherman's. Tearing my hair out and really sad that I may never have my own baby :(
How do you guys deal with it all? I go from extremely sad, to feeling it might be ok. The time when my period was due (when I got a lot of pain but no bleeding) was the lowest point.

I honestly do NOT understand why they can't do a scan as a matter of procedure. It takes about 1 min to scan after the procedure (with a mobile scanner) and it would mean that 2 or 3% of cases where POC still remain could be dealt with on the spot. On top of that, I cannot see why they cannot do ERPC's under guidance... Argh!

Sassymum21 · 17/10/2011 23:54

Hi jayley, I just wanted to send you big hugs and say how sorry I am to hear what you have been through. I bled for fourteen weeks after my second miscarriage and never got any answers. I am still bleeding now from my most recent miscarriage. I know how difficult it must be for you and how hard it is when the medical people dont seem to care. Keep strong and take care.Thanks

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