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Call from hospital after pregnancy tissue found?

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BrightShinySun · 14/10/2011 20:39

Hi, About a month ago I had lots of bleeding a week after AF and having had an ectopic 6mo previously (that started the same way) I took a test and got a BFP.

Went up to EPU and was given a scan, a very small sac could be seen, no fetal pole/heartbeat. HCG test showed hormones had risen but not doubled. Went back a week later, scan showed sac was bigger (over 17mm) but still nothing in it. HCG again had risen but not the right amount.

Agreed it was probably a blighted ovum and two weeks ago had an ERPC. Since then I've bleed every day, not a lot at all so haven't thought anything of it as I guessed it was just my body settling down. To be honest after all the original heartache and sadness I've been feeling pretty positive this week.

Anyway, today got a call from the hospital stating the lab had analysed the tissue and found no pregnancy tissue, so they want me to go in for another blood test to check HCG has gone down. They said it may be possible it came away with the bleed I had before the scans etc but would I have been left with a sac after everything else had come away?

I dont understand what this could be? Anyone have any ideas what this could be?

Thanks for reading.

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