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Recovery after ERPC

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topsmart · 13/10/2011 13:44

To those of you who've had an ERPC recently (and not so recently!) firstly thanks for joining me in chats here this week. It's really helped.
And secondly, how're you doing? Hope youre all recuperating nicely. Well, you know what i mean. My operation was nearly a week ago and I'm not bleeding all that much but yesterday started getting abdominal pain. It killed when I went to the loo (sorry TMI!) a bit like after labour. And today I ache but not in a usual cramp-like fashion.I should probably just ring the emergency Gynae ward here but I can't be arsed yet! Maybe tomorrow if it continues...

OP posts:
MmeLindor. · 13/10/2011 16:28

Phone the ward and ask for advice.

Chances are it is nothing connected with the ERPC but if it is an infection, you need to be seen immediately.

Did you have a scan to ensure that the ERPC was complete?

I have had 3 ERPC and have never had pain a week after the OP. Please get checked out.

skinnymuffin · 14/10/2011 20:25

Hello topsmart :)

Hope the pains have subsided? Today is one week since my erpc and my first day back at work.

I'm doing ok, I have times when I think positively and tell myself this happens to many, many women every day and I should just accept it and move on...

Then I have moments where I feel utterly utterly miserable, sorry for myself and panicky.

I still have light bleeding but no pain. I am really struggling to sleep.

I got a follow up letter from my booking appointment telling me to see a gp about a bladder infection so I'm now on antibiotics for that. He said it probably didn't cause my mc... Probably! Great...
Also can't tell if there is blood in my urine or if it's just blood from the mc still. Joy.

Finally (may as well get it all off my chest while I'm here) I spend a good portion of each day wondering whether to follow the advice to wait 4-6 weeks for another period or just go for it and ttc asap. Feel really torn about what to do there.

Anyway, there's my update! So glad of others to share all this with. Thanks for reading

x Skinny

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