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13 weeks since ERPC- still no AF- anyone else longer?

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hopingitsthismonth · 21/09/2011 21:49

Hi all,
just looking for some advice really. i have posted before but its just going on and on...

i had my first MMC in December (at 12 weeks) and got AF 4 weeks ater ERPC.
had another MMC in June (at 9 weeks) and 13 weeks later i still havent got my period. i rang he docs today and she has got me in booked in for blood tests in a week although its difficult to know when to have them done given we dont know where i am in my cycle. i did detect an LH surge from OPK about 2.5 weeks ago so she said we should use that as a starting point and assume that was day 14...
I just want to go back to normal- cant believe it's taking so long. i have a 2 and a half year old and we would have had a 3 month old by now if 1st miscarriage hadt happened. in the meantime the gap is getting bigger and bigger. sigh....
any ideas ? similar experiences- i would love to hear about them..

OP posts:
ColdSancerre · 21/09/2011 21:57

No, each time 4 weeks from ERPC or date of passing sac.

I think you're doing the right thing seeing the doctor. If the blood tests come back with nothing indicating what the problem is and still no period you should ask GP for a Gynae referral probably ph hung for a hysteroscopy (check of womb with a camera via cervix).

ColdSancerre · 21/09/2011 21:58

Bloody iPad ph hung (eh) was meant to be pushing

hopingitsthismonth · 21/09/2011 22:07

thanks coldsancerre- do you think so? that's interesting- i spoke to the nurse at the gynae assessment unit where i had my erpcs and she seemed to think it could only be hormonal... but i want to try everything so i will mention this to the doctor next week.

OP posts:
ColdSancerre · 21/09/2011 22:13

I just think if the hormone tests rule out a hormonal cause the next step is to check your womb? I hate to bring up scary stuff but the thing that came to mind (apart from hormonal) was Ashermans which one mn'er I know of had after an ERPC. It is a minuscule risk so don't panic. Just insist they rule it out.

hopingitsthismonth · 21/09/2011 22:22

you are right i should make sure i get everything checked out- i will see what doctor says after blood tests. annoying thing is that i can see it taking ages as they will probably have to test a few times to catch right times in cycle...

thanks for responding, i'll come back and update after the tests.


OP posts:
pebspop · 22/09/2011 09:32

i am kind of in the same boat. no af for 12 weeks since mc.

my last mc was at 20 weeks so didn't need an erpc but did have an op to remove retained placenta. i had an erpc following a mc at 11 weeks in november last year but af came back in the usual time.

i am a bit worried about ashermans but trying not to panic as there are other causes such as hormonal etc to rule out first. I have been temping for the last few weeks and have not detected a temp rise to indicate ov yet. i think i would be ov'ing if i had ashermans.

i went to my doctor but they told me to come back in three months??!! i have booked in for acupuncture this week to try and kick start things and i am seeing a consultant next week to discuss the results of tests following my late miscarriage.

i don't have any children yet so am impatient to get things sorted so i can try again.

batteryhen · 22/09/2011 20:48

Hello I just wanted to reassure you a bit if I can. I had my third MMC in june at 12 weeks (baby measured 12 weeks which was awful). I had my 2nd ERPC then. I know I ovulated at week 7 - (I chart) and 2 weeks later (week 9) I got lots of period pain but no period. I was worried sick. I was certain something was up - and went to see my Dr as by then I was almost 10 weeks post ERPC. He did bloods whcih showed I was in follicular stage ( after period, before OV) so when I knew I had ovulated again - I went back and had more bloods done to prove I was ovulating - which they did. I started to get AF pains around the time I expected, but no AF. I had a session of acupuncture and lo and behold the next day I started my period. I don't know if it was coincidence or not.

So all in all - I was on week 13 when I had my AF. I was demented with worry. After not bleeding on my first cycle I thought I was doomed - but my GP just thinks I took a while to build my lining back up - (I also had a scan to check the lining).

Its good you are getting bloods done - your GP will be able to tell where you are in your cycle. Good luck xx

hopingitsthismonth · 23/09/2011 19:49

pebs- so so sorry to hear about your miscarriage at 20 weeks, i ant begin to imagine how awful that is.

Battery. sorry for your losses too. awful awful :-(
thanks so much though for your info, that really does make me feel better. also that is 2 acupuncture success stories i have heard so i am going to give that a go as well.

will report back when i have something to report!

OP posts:
pebspop · 26/09/2011 15:05

i tried acupuncture on saturday and af came yesterday. don't know if it was a coincidence but it worked!

batteryhen · 26/09/2011 17:21

pebs So glad that AF came -thet happened with me too - acupunture one day - period the next. Relief isn't it? Was yours very light? You have your appointment tomorrow don't you? Mine is at 2pm. Good luck x

pebspop · 26/09/2011 19:00

hi battery

it's quite heavy for me so that's more of a relief as i was starting to freak out about ashermans.

from my temping chart i didn't seem to ov so i am going to carry on attending the acupuncture appointments for 4-6 weeks until i see a proper cycle.

my appointment is at 11 - good luck!

i will post my results on the recurent mc testing thread so not to hi jack this too much!

hopingitsthismonth · 26/09/2011 21:13

oh post here to please i want to hear :-)
i have booked some acupuncture for a week on thursday so hoping i get same...

OP posts:
pebspop · 27/09/2011 16:42

i am back from the appointment, they found blood clots in my placenta so i have been prescribed 5mg of folic acid, 75mg asprin and daily herapin (blood thining) injections for my next pregnancy.

i am going to continue with the acupuncture to get my cycles sorted as i don't think i ovulated before this period and will ttc around xmas!

batteryhen · 27/09/2011 17:04

pebspop I am starting to think you are me. I have aclotting thing going on (factor v leiden) and have to take aspirin and heparin (which I inject myself) when I am pregnant. However, I have just got back from my appointment too - there were no clots seen, and all normal karyotype too. My consultant doesn't know why I had my 3rd mmc so he has referred me to st marys in london at the recurrent mc clinic. i also asked about my periods not returning for 13 weeks and he wasn't concerned, just said that that can happen after a mc x

pebspop · 28/09/2011 09:12

my blood clotting thing is just during pregnancy. the factor V results were fine.

that is frustrating that they don't know what has caused it. i hear very good results from st marys though. do you post on the recurrent miscarriage thread - not sure if i have seen you on there. lot's of the women have been to st marys and they are getting positive outcomes.

have you read lesley regans book? it's really good and has been my bible over the last three months.

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