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Worried about bleeding after erpc / d&c

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Nothing7 · 21/09/2011 14:02

I have some questions following my ERPC 2 weeks ago yesterday as I'm not sure what is going on?

I was sadly diagnosed as having a MMC, on Friday 2nd September, during a scan, the baby had no heartbeat at 8w2d and I'm not sure my exact weeks though think I'd have only been about 8-10 weeks I opted for an ERPC on Tuesday 6th. All was successful and I had small bleed that day after then a very small amount the following day then it all dried up so was having tiny bits of brown when I wiped.

The following week around 14th Sept I started to have a bleed which I thought was AF as it was a week after the bleed from my ERPC stopped (I'm really irregular due to pill so don't know what my cycle is. This lasted about 3 days until Friday 16th, very light but red then towards the end of the bleed went to brown. Its pretty similar to a bleed I'd have on the pill which I haven't started retaking.

Then again on Monday / Tuesday I started to have a tiny bleed, more a bit of brown when I wiped so now I'm wondering what is happening, its pretty much stopped again now. I'm not having any cramping or pain with any of these.

I'm just not sure what is happening? We have had .... since the ERPC, a few times using withdrawal then a little accident on Sunday could it be associated with this? We also did prior to the scan.

Just wondered if this was similar to anyone elses experiences? Should I be worried about anything?

Thanks guys

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kat2504 · 22/09/2011 10:41

Sometimes it takes quite a while for the bleeding to settle down and it can come and go for a few weeks after ERPC. It's nothing to do with having sex, although the advice is to avoid it until the bleeding stops.

Have you had a negative pregnancy test yet? If so, its probably just the last of the miscarriage bleeding. If not, you may want to contact the EPU where you were treated and ask to arrange another scan to make sure your uterus is empty.

Sorry to hear of your loss and I hope it is all over for you soon.

Nothing7 · 22/09/2011 13:51

Hi kat thanks for your message. I've not done a test I didn't realise until reading these boards that I would still show as pg until I'd cleared fully now I'm too scared as I couldn't bear to see the positive line knowing I'm not silly I know. Maybe I will do one just to at least check everything is settling. So you don't think it could be af this early?
Thanks for your reply

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kat2504 · 22/09/2011 14:00

No I think it is too early for your period. Generally it takes 4-6 weeks to get a new menstrual cycle. Usually you have to have about 21 blood free days before the next bleeding is a true period. It sucks that miscarriage can drag on so much. Taking a test is also quite heartbreaking but when you see the line has gone very faint, at least you know it is almost over.

Here is a very informative website.

Nothing7 · 22/09/2011 14:45

:( I think you're right at least i'll know that way and can look to the future . Just plucking up the courage to do it and face the inevitable

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Chalks2 · 24/09/2011 11:45

Thanks for these posts - I also did not realise that you could still have positive pregnancy test so long after and the pregnancyloss website is really useful.

I'm also worried after an ERPC 2 weeks ago that seems to have gone fine - light bleeding off and on for ~10 days. A bit of ... as we just wanted to get back to normal. Although like it says on the website it is a bit tender.

Its just that I feel like I have indigestion all the time the past couple of days. no temperature or discharge. I'm wondering if anybody has experienced this? Is it hormones? or something like some scarring and damage?

eaglewings · 27/09/2011 14:26

Wished I'd found this earlier.

I had an ercp on Monday 19th having found out on Friday 2nd I had had a mmc

I too have had on and off bleeding, going from loads to brown only when I wipe. I have cramps on and off and indigestion. Also bad migraine o imagine due to the change in hormones.

I have been mostly in bed now for 8 days feeling wiped out with ringing in my ears. The GP said give it 2 weeks, the hospital never said it could last so long (the tiredness not the bleeding)

My cramping womb feels like my body is mourning

Is it usual to have so much pain and tiredness for sooooo long?

Hope it all stops for you soon nothing7

Nothing7 · 07/10/2011 22:06

Hi awful to hear of your losses too and I hope things heal soon.
My bleeding has definitely stopped now it was so minimal apart from 2 days making me think it could have been AF and on 24th plucked up the courage to do a hpt and got a bfn :( I looked at it then when I'd left it long enough got rid of it I hated seeing it. But at least I know I can try again now

We went on holiday for the week after my bfn and bd'd the whole time, I'd love for that to turn into a bfp though now am far to apprehensive about doing a hpt as I really don't want to see a bfn now I want a bfp more than ever :-@

Its making me so anxious xx

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