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Facebook breast awareness 'game'

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eaglewings · 13/09/2011 15:25

not sure where to posst this, AIBU or conception.

Is it just me or do others find it hard to see this game on Facebook where the update is
16 weeks and craving jelly tots etc?

I would love to put 12 weeks and craving the day my baby arrives but having had yet another mmc I'm 12 weeks with no baby

I'm not looking for sympathy, my friends family and even the whole village are being wonderful, more am I being too touchy?

OP posts:
StellaAndFries · 13/09/2011 15:30

The whole idea of it is crap, it's not raising awareness of breast cancer at all, it merely enable's people with crap fb status to think they are amusing.

Sorry to hear of your mmc, I had 2 mc's, ((hug))

escapeartist · 13/09/2011 15:51

I was wondering what that was - I am a bit oversensitive and got upset (before I realised that it couldn't be what I thought it was...)

I've had two mc's myself, latest 2 weeks ago and struggling a bit. Hugs to you and ignore the insensitive people who have no clue what it might be like to have been pregnant and have no baby :(

StewieGriffinsMom · 13/09/2011 15:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

farfallarocks · 13/09/2011 16:52

Its awful

The one last year was much better (about where you leave your handbag but making it sound as though its where you DTD)

You would have thought that a wimmins issue charity would have a bit more sensitivity

farfallarocks · 13/09/2011 16:55

Given that some cancer treatment can leave you infertile is this not even doubly ridiculous??

ExpensivePants · 13/09/2011 17:12

Utterly stupid, I could have slapped the first of my friends who added it. And she should have known better.

eaglewings · 13/09/2011 17:39

Hadn't thought about the treatment leaving you infertile issue. Makes me really doubt this comes from breast cancer awareness and think it is just a game someone made up pretending to be them

OP posts:
banana87 · 13/09/2011 19:52

I think you should put this in AIBU (i've been debating it!). I don't think you are being sensitive or unreasonable. The status thing is really insensitive and offensive to people who are suffering infertility or recurrent miscarriage. And the its bullshit that its anything to do with breast cancer awareness, where is the link on the status?! I've stated very publicly on FB where I stand on the issue.

MmeLindor. · 13/09/2011 19:54


Although you did not ask this.

It is shit. It is insensitive. It is nothing to do with raising awareness.

Is it even connected to a charity?

stripeybump · 13/09/2011 19:58

Unconnected to a charity and horrible.

I'd rather see something actually funny that included a link to a charity donation site. How much use is this kind of stupid 'awareness' campaign?

cakesloveme · 13/09/2011 20:37

Totally, totally agree with you OP. I received a message in my inbox on FB just days after I had had my right tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy (4 weeks ago today). What's worse, is the insensitivity of the person who sent it to me is one of the few people who DID know about the EP :(

I hate the theme, if it's not bad enough that your friends are announcing their real pregnancies, you also have half your FB writing about their stupid week and cravings.

Obviously I'm finding this difficult - it wouldn't hurt people to have a bit of sensitivity would it? And I too would stick the post in AIBU.

eaglewings · 13/09/2011 22:58

Will think about putting it in AIBU unless one of you have already
Thanks for you replys, in a way it is sad I'm not the only one who dislikes it, but it's nice not to be alone .
Cakesloveme it's so sad to hear your story, hope you have supportive friends and family

OP posts:
Alliwantisaroomsomewhere · 14/09/2011 07:22

So glad to find this thread. I would have been 12 weeks yesterday - had ERPC 9 days ago. Those stupid bloody status things upset me, too.

PinkFondantFancy · 14/09/2011 07:26

You should definitely put it on AIBU, it is completely ridiculous.

ColdSancerre · 14/09/2011 07:43

I seem to have escaped this, but it sounds awful. YANBU I hate the insensitivity of so many.

eaglewings · 14/09/2011 08:52

Alliwant, hope you are feeling better physically.

This thread is now in AIBU

OP posts:
sleeppeacefullybabyboy · 14/01/2012 22:34

i no this was posted ages ago but i had to post as its s true!

When the first person i know posted this on there fb status i felt physically sick and my heart sank. My beautiful baby boy was stillborn at christmas, we buried him in feb then to add insult to injury i mc'd in april with my next pregnancy. Everyone knew this and knew i was struggling not to throw myself off a building every living second yet still they post this shit as there statuses.

It's another reason why i find myself hating people daily, why my anger with the world and peoples stupid 'show off perfect lives' happy shit on Facebook grows daily.

argh...god people are insensitive!!!

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