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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Conceived shortly after Mirena removal and miscarried?

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Maxima9 · 13/09/2011 15:13

I had a missed miscarriage at week 11; conceiving on my 2nd cycle after removing Mirena which I had for 5.5 years. Prior to Mirena I had two normal healthy pregnancies and 2 lovely children. My gynaecologist reassured me when I had the device removed that it is safe to fall pregnant straight away. Yes, fertility returns straightaway but could my uterus sustain the pregnancy?

Has anybody had any warning from their doctor regarding conceiving after the removal of Mirena? I searched the available resources on the net , but have not found any reference to a study or warning in the package leaflet of Mirena to wait with conception for few cycles after the removal (and how many?) On the other hand I came across lot of personal tragedy on the web regarding miscarriage after Mirena even though pre-Mirena pregnancies were absolutely normal and resulted in healthy babies. I personally think that my miscarriage was contributed to Mirena way the device works ? i.e. thinning of the uterus lining my baby had no chance to establish in my weak levonogestrel infused uterus.

Has anybody else had similar experience?
Any advice how long to wait until it?s safe to ttc?

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