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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Coming up for due date

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RoyalWelsh · 13/09/2011 14:28

That's it really. I had an early miscarriage at roughly 6 weeks in February and should be coming up on my dute date. I just feel utterly...awful. A lot of people around me are pregnant or have just had babies, and the closer I get to the due date the more I can't bear to be around them. Even on the TV there seems to be a lot of it. Or maybe I am just more sensitive to it at the moment.

I thought I had reached a point where I had accepted it, but it appears that I haven't. People I know that are pregnant induce this god awful jealousy, I feel sick with it. It hurts my bones.

I know that is all dramatic, but I can't talk about it anywhere else.

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MissTinaTeaspoon · 13/09/2011 14:34

Hi, and sorry for your loss Sad. My dd was a few weeks ago and it was very very hard to get through. Especially as I've had no success at getting pregnant again. I can't help thinking about the baby that I should have now, especially when I see other people with their babies and realise what I'm missing out on. Sad

What's helped is taking some time to say things in my head to the little one I've lost, and focusing on other things the rest of the time. I'm trying to stay positive, and think of the good things in my life.

RoyalWelsh · 13/09/2011 15:03

Thanks MissTT. I have been obsessively cleaning the kitchen in work and it is probably the cleanest it has ever been in the five years it has been open.

Do you find it worse when it is people you don't really know that tell you they are pregnant? If it was one of my friends, they would know why I might slope off and have a cry, but I couldn't do that with my DP's boss the other day.

I also snapped at a lady I work with yesterday. I'm not sure how she found out tbh, my boss must have told her or something, because she said "oh well, it's not like you are 40 and can't have any more, is it."

I felt Sad and Angry all at the same time.

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